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Thursday, January 28, 2010

She was a Teenage Zombie!

Thank you to those who give a shit about my life and have requested I continue with my blog rambles.  So here I be and sit back I have a LOT to say =)

I'll start with my birthday weekend.  Saturday night I went to the Breakfast Club and had SO much fun, it was amazing!  An awesome group of friends to dance the night away with!  Another trip is being planned for the NEAR future! 

My actual bday was spent on the couch watching horror movies (White Zombie, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) all day, complete bliss.

So I'm now 33 going on 13...rock on.

As for the working out and quitting smoking.  Well I'll just lay it all out on the table now.  I have not been abiding by the best of my new Keely Kat rules.  The smoking has not stopped.  The stress hasn't either.  As for working out, I have all good intentions of returning to my routine as soon as possible.  I got my pilates for dummies tape and I'm all about it!  So wee! 
I have been in a sort of rut for the past week or so, feeling no motivation.  A boy came into my life that I truly cared about and as life would have it he has dissapeared.  Apparently I have this effect on men.  Either they lie to me or dissapear.  However I'm awesome and there is a man out there that will totally dig me as I will dig him.  Enough said.  No need to bitch.  It happened, you move on. 

As for other news.  Paranormal Activity...umm glad I only paid a dollar to redbox this.  Just sayin'

I'm feeling like a new piercing or tattoo, however funds are low.  I'm saving my pennies for my trip home to NY in Feb.  I have many people to see.   I'm so excited to see my FRIENDS and FAMILY again!  This makes me smiley! 

I haven't been doing much else.   The temp job is coming to a close soon, so it's back to job hunting.  Anyone want a roomie in june?  Ya I'm not sure what I'm going to do when this lease is up here. 

So let's see what else can I ramble about...Oh the Wednesday 13 show at the Murderdolls which are no longer, and he sang some Murderdoll songs which made me a happy kitty.  Being I thought I would never see them nor him perform YES!  Plus he's a girl can dream can't she...pssh.

Tomm is the Slackers show which will be my second time seeing them!  YaY!  Of course we are expeting bad weather this makes me frowny faced =(  I do not do well in ice n snowyness...Boo!  I'm still there though, it's a must see!

So Valentine's day is around the chocolates for me...but a valentine would be nice =P

I'm thinking the Cadbury creme eggs totally get small every year..I was just discussing this with my amazing friend the other day...I find this to be a travesty... >=/  The eggs not the friend, LoL!  <3

I've started crocheting a blankie for myself black of course with a touch of white and grey.  Amazing what one can do when they put their mind to something.  My friend Melissa is amazing at crocheting!  She needs to sell her stuff for real, hats scarves, lil woo woo snow men and stuff...very awesome!  So As old lady as we sound with this it's truly awesome shit!  WoRd!

well this looks like enough rambles for now...I'll try and be more attentive to my blog.  Promise!

Ps..and stuff.. *Dances like snoopy to Love at first Fright*

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