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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's the GREAT Pumpkin Charlie Brown!! *Dances like snoopy*

Here I go again on my own....Goin' down the only road i've ever known...Like a drifter I was born to walk alone!

HaHa Starting off with some random 80's cheese!  I do love that song and it fits these days as I've ending things and now look forward to all the new adventures and possibilities the path of life holds for me.  I've tripped over enough bumps along the way...let's hope for some smoothe sailing for a lil bit.

It's OCTOBER!!  My favortist month of the YEAR!!  Bring on the pumpkin flavored everything, the spookiness around every bend, and in every store.  The amazing Halloween cartoons, and MOVIES!  No better time to dust off some John Carpenter and Clive Barker...Maybe even some classic Tim Burton and Wes Craven.  Although I'm a horror nerd all year long, there's something special in the air in October!  ;)
The health news...Was VERY sick this past weekend.  I've been asthmatic since I'm 2 and I'm a smoker, yes I know not the wisest of decisions in one's life.  I would up in the Urgent Care on Sunday not being able to breathe.  They gave me 2 breathing treatments and would not let me leave until I was breathing normally.  I had to get a shot of Prednisone in my hip and from all this medication I barely made the drive home.  I was totally jittery and couldn't even listen to music in the thats  I Got home and rested.  Stayed home on Monday, tried going into work on Tues but since my Dr's note was written for both Mon and Tues it was apparently a liability to have me stay there.  So I got a day off.  I went to the craft store and bought goodies to make new hair clips.  :)
Rested more and now i'm feeling much better.  I've cut back significantly on my smoking and am having high hopes of quitting.  It's the toughest battle ever.  I tried the Chantix but it made my psycho.  I wanted to kill everybody.  Not a good thing.  I'm a timid Keely Kat no murders needed.  I have enough going on these days.  LoL.
So work's been slow this week other than the killer order I got tonight as I'm about to leave which led me stuck at the office for another 20 mins but hey it's less vaca time I have to take out now to make up for the sick time.  Such is life.  LoL. 

I'm totally digging the drive home these days.  It's dark and the air is crisp.  I LOVE IT!  The spookiness all around.  It makes me smiley. 

Looks like tomm night at Tremont is Lucky Five my fav local band :)  I haven't seen them in ages!!  So I'm totally looking forward to that.  Then Sat night looks like I'm headed on a field trip up to Newton to see my friend Amy and goto Octoberfest.  AKA Beerfest.  Being I'm not a beer drinker i'll have my fun people watching, and craft shopping.  Hee Hee.  I'll be bringing my friends Erin and Josh with me as well.  Good times!!

Speaking of ERIN!!  Here's a few pics from out COFFEE Tawk Last night!!  I love the random adventures and EPICness we encounter.  Who'd have though that ice in an ashtray could be so amusing!??!  LOL
Oh I almost forgot speaking of such amazing friends!  Monday whilst I was home sick, my friends Starr Sadistik and Janine!  Came to visit on their way back home from NY to ATL.  We ventured to Panera had some good eats and good times!!  That was so awesome of them to make the visit!! I miss them too pieces!!  :)

I've decided on being Magenta for Halloween.  I think it'll be an amazing costume.  I've decided to make it all myself.  :)  I have plenty of black clothing just need the lace and a wig :)  I can handle that.

I think it's hilarious that my roomie Steve wants to go as Justin Beiber.  That would be amazing!!  LoL

This Halloween is definetly in the works to be a most excellent one!  WILD STALLIONS!! 

I think thats all I'll ramble about for now being it's going to take me forever to put all the pics I want to up on here now.  LoL 

All the more random adventures on the way!  *Dances like snoopy*  I'm smiling.  =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SiCk GiRL'z Dance Like Snoopy!! =)

As usual I've procrastinated for months and haven't written anything.  A lot's happened over the past few months so sit back and enjoy the latest rambles.

I'll start with all the GOOD news and then ramble about the not so important stuff.  Just because I feel the need.  lol  o.O

Recent weight loss:  17 lbs .....and counting :)
Recent Dr. visit reports...I no longer need ANY medication for Diabeties, cholesterol, nothing...
Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!!  *Dances like snoopy*

When I lose the desired amount of weight I would like a new dress.  I LOVE this one.....

oh p.s. also got Chantix to quit smoking *crosses fingers*
I can DO THIS!!  

The job front is definetly improving...been a few months.  I can say I at least know what I'm doing now.  LoL

I've actually has some time this weekend to clean and organize my room and everything involved.  Even bills.  Wow..yes...organization who'd a thunk it?  Feels good though to know where the hell everything is for once, lol.

Such nonsense....

Piranha 3-D saw it..was amazing, lol!  Seriously one of the goriest movies I've ever seen.  I was impressed with the FX.  Being the horror nerd I am I appreciated it.  Laughed through the whole thing, but still it really was a LOT better than I thought it would be.  So yeah, awesome, I'll totally add it to my collection.
SUCK comes out soon, and I'm totally excited!! Can't wait to add that to my collection...Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins and Vampires!  JOY!   *giggles*
Saw the Expendables..NOT one for action movies in general but this was actually not bad.  Sylvestor's truck was AMAZING!  LoL. 
As for older movies...totally had to watch Dracula today.  Nothing like taking a break from house cleaning to enjoy some Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye.  :)
I went to Atlanta last weekend to visit my best friend Starr Sadistik.  I had so much FUN.
Wound up at a fetish party and met the coolest drag queen ever!  Awwww Kaori!  LoL  It was a great weekend, lots of catching up, random restaurant visits.  I love new things!!  So awesome, a vegan restaurant open at 2 am good times!  Also met Janine a good friend os Starr's.  Wish I had more time to hang out with them.  There will definetly be other times in the near future!  =)

I haven't been doing much work with the jewelry lately I've been very busy.  One day I'll get a "real" website setup and truly go for the dream of making something out of this creativity.  As for now though I'm focusing on just taking things one day at a time.

Halloween!!!! is right around the corner!!!  Just had a discussion tonight with my friend Amy on all the cool things we want to do!  Scarowinds, Renn Faire, Something of FUN on the Saturday before halloween, Who knows, a lot up in the air right now.  I do LOVE this time of year though SPOOKY Things EVERYWHERE!! TeeHee!  Corn mazes, pumpkin picking, and time for me to get my ass back in the kitchen and do some baking!  lol.  =)  hmm...Blueberry pie?  Apple?  PUMPKIN!!  Oooooooh I also need to think of a COSTUME!  I was thinking Wonder Woman....but um I'm thinking I don't quite have the figure "yet" for that one...It has to be something totally awesome though!!  I'll figure something out! LoL!
SHOWS!!!  I was supposed to be at Lady Gaga tonight,but it wasn't meant to be.  The friends I was going with decided they could not make it, and I didn't want to go alone.  I then changed my mind and wanted to go as other friends were going but just in different seats.  Then there was a mishap with the tix, and well I wound up not going after all.  *pouts*  However all things happen for a reason and I'm not worrying about it.  It's just a concert, I just wish I didn't lose the money involved.  =(  oh well.  What can ya do?  Moving on...

Social D in Nov??
Well I was totally EXCITED about this show for a lotta reasons but just found out the closest venue to me is sold out!  So bummed!  I really wanted to see Frank Turner too!!  However this is not over yet...they are playing in ATL, so there's still a chance!  *Crosses fingers*  =)

Misfits in DEC!
YaY!  Totally excited about this.  I missed them last year =(  I will NOT miss them this year!  Even if I have to goto this one alone IM THERE!!  hee hee!

Koffin Kats are playing Oct 6th...
I really really wanna goto this show but I doubt I will I don't think anyone will go with me *pouts*  darn.. I just don't like going to shows alone.  It sucks!  I dunno still have time on this one so who knows...

I haven't been to a show since Alice Cooper and Rob I'm getting the itch, lol =P

Oh ya Bouncing Souls and NOFX are coming here in FEB!  WeEEe!! 
Found out I'm going to New Orleans for Christmas, this is exciting and yet I feel a lil torn...Part of me wants to stay home, and part of me wants to travel.  I do love to travel :)  I'm just excited to see my mom and my brother being I only see them once a year.  SO wherever it is I'm going!!  :)  lol.  I'm still waiting to hear from my job though on the whole time off gig, it's never easy *Sigh*  Hopefully I can swing it.  =)

I've decided I would like to go on a "real" vacation sometime in the new year.  I've not been on a real vacation as in go somewhere I've never been in years...So it's time.  I DO want to go back home to NY in April though..maybe catch Chiller Theatre this time!! YES!!  Even if no chiller I think spring will be a nice time to visit my friends and family :)  No snow storm worries like I had in FEB!  JINKIES!!!!  =/ Plus April is B-day month for my dad and sister, and they are both in NY, so maybe I can actually hand deliver the cards this year lol!

Other random news,,,New Cradle of Filth album Nov 9th!!
Which means a new tour!  LoL  I'm such a five year old!  Weee!

I'd like to get a new tattoo...Maybe for my birthday...I'd like to work on filling in some of t he gaps I've got goin' on...I dunno this will be lucky # 13 so it's going to be awhile...and well worth the wait =)

Well I guess thats enough rambling for now... =)  I could go on and on..and you knooooow this! 

I'm off like a dirty shirt...  =)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Work and a SEWING machine!


New Job!  Started the new job last week.  First off let me say...After four months of unemployment..7 am comes EARLY!  Ugh.  Training has been good so far I'm slowly but surely learning.  Couple of cool perks to the job..WEEKENDS off!  Wee!  Tattoos can be shown.  MAJOR PLUS HERE!  Piercings, eh not as lienient.  Lost one of my lip rings while trying to get the retainer in...bah.  It'll get re-pierced eventually.  Still got the labret so it's all good.

In other news..I'm feeling that I'm surrounded by love.  All my friends are starting new relationships, or holding strong in the old ones.  It's rules though.  I'm so happy for everybody.  So um where the hell is my Mr. Right already?  Hello?  Peek-A-Boo?  I don't see you.... Eh Happy Endings exist.  I'm surrounded by mine will get here eventually, it's procrastinating...something I'm all too good at myself.

Saw Splice much to say other than...WEIRD?  Yeah they "went" there...I'll just say that much.  It was kinda boring til Adrien Brody fucked the Hybrid he created.  Then she turned into a male and raped Adrian's girlfriend.  Yeah...WEIRD!  LoL... 
Bizarre!  Ok moving on...

Summer is here and I'm melting....summers in the south suck ass.  Although I'm rocking an awesome tan, and have been swimming quite a few times already.  lol.  Plans for this weekend.

Go see little thingies go boom in the sky day is Sunday!
Hang out with friends go check some fireworks out somewhere, maybe grab some food.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  Who knows?  At least it's a 3 day weekend!!
Shout out to my old time friend JOY!  Welcome to the land of BLOGGING.  Enjoy!  Thanks for following!  :)
In other news with the new job comes benefits.
So the plan is NEW glasses and RX sunglasses.  Hell Yeah! Totally psyched about the new shades.  It's a bitch wearing glasses and getting blinded by the sun.  I don't do contacts..I've tried..doesnt work for me.  So yeah, get my fat ass to the Dr. too.  I have no idea where I'm at with blood sugar and everything else.  So Yeahhh booooy!  Back to the fun of blood tests, and prescriptions.  Speaking of which I so need something to help me quit smoking.  I don't get why I can't focus the will power I have to NOT drink to NOT smoke???  Strange.  Eh....Good things are happening time to get my ass in gear.

I totally have to share my GOODWILL retail therapy.
 Amazing the vintage shirts, and crap I get for cheap.  I totally have the most amazing E.T. lamp ever!

I got an old Korn shirt, cut out the design and sewed it on a tank top.  Great pat N leather purse, rock on.  It goes on and on.  Love the thiftyness!  My creativity gets a lil overwhelming at times.  Too many ideas and no time.  Oh Yeah.. I NEED A SEWING MACHINE!! 

Also when I get some extra cash I'm dying to play keyboard again.  I took piano lessons when I was 5.  Apparently I was pretty good.  Now I have this urge to play again, but no keyboard.  Doesn't that suck?  So pawn shops are on the list for a cheap keyboard to get me practicing again.  I'm trying to re-teach myself how to read sheet music.  It is like riding a bike, but I feel like I'm on a tricycle, lol.

Well I've rambled enough for today.  I'll be back soon enough with more adventures, and nonsense.  You can never have enough nonsense!  "I think of 6 impossible things before breakfast!"

Rock on!