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Monday, June 28, 2010

Work and a SEWING machine!


New Job!  Started the new job last week.  First off let me say...After four months of unemployment..7 am comes EARLY!  Ugh.  Training has been good so far I'm slowly but surely learning.  Couple of cool perks to the job..WEEKENDS off!  Wee!  Tattoos can be shown.  MAJOR PLUS HERE!  Piercings, eh not as lienient.  Lost one of my lip rings while trying to get the retainer in...bah.  It'll get re-pierced eventually.  Still got the labret so it's all good.

In other news..I'm feeling that I'm surrounded by love.  All my friends are starting new relationships, or holding strong in the old ones.  It's rules though.  I'm so happy for everybody.  So um where the hell is my Mr. Right already?  Hello?  Peek-A-Boo?  I don't see you.... Eh Happy Endings exist.  I'm surrounded by mine will get here eventually, it's procrastinating...something I'm all too good at myself.

Saw Splice much to say other than...WEIRD?  Yeah they "went" there...I'll just say that much.  It was kinda boring til Adrien Brody fucked the Hybrid he created.  Then she turned into a male and raped Adrian's girlfriend.  Yeah...WEIRD!  LoL... 
Bizarre!  Ok moving on...

Summer is here and I'm melting....summers in the south suck ass.  Although I'm rocking an awesome tan, and have been swimming quite a few times already.  lol.  Plans for this weekend.

Go see little thingies go boom in the sky day is Sunday!
Hang out with friends go check some fireworks out somewhere, maybe grab some food.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  Who knows?  At least it's a 3 day weekend!!
Shout out to my old time friend JOY!  Welcome to the land of BLOGGING.  Enjoy!  Thanks for following!  :)
In other news with the new job comes benefits.
So the plan is NEW glasses and RX sunglasses.  Hell Yeah! Totally psyched about the new shades.  It's a bitch wearing glasses and getting blinded by the sun.  I don't do contacts..I've tried..doesnt work for me.  So yeah, get my fat ass to the Dr. too.  I have no idea where I'm at with blood sugar and everything else.  So Yeahhh booooy!  Back to the fun of blood tests, and prescriptions.  Speaking of which I so need something to help me quit smoking.  I don't get why I can't focus the will power I have to NOT drink to NOT smoke???  Strange.  Eh....Good things are happening time to get my ass in gear.

I totally have to share my GOODWILL retail therapy.
 Amazing the vintage shirts, and crap I get for cheap.  I totally have the most amazing E.T. lamp ever!

I got an old Korn shirt, cut out the design and sewed it on a tank top.  Great pat N leather purse, rock on.  It goes on and on.  Love the thiftyness!  My creativity gets a lil overwhelming at times.  Too many ideas and no time.  Oh Yeah.. I NEED A SEWING MACHINE!! 

Also when I get some extra cash I'm dying to play keyboard again.  I took piano lessons when I was 5.  Apparently I was pretty good.  Now I have this urge to play again, but no keyboard.  Doesn't that suck?  So pawn shops are on the list for a cheap keyboard to get me practicing again.  I'm trying to re-teach myself how to read sheet music.  It is like riding a bike, but I feel like I'm on a tricycle, lol.

Well I've rambled enough for today.  I'll be back soon enough with more adventures, and nonsense.  You can never have enough nonsense!  "I think of 6 impossible things before breakfast!"

Rock on!




  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I'll probably blog tonight; so much going on! As for the smoking thing, I have some stuff I can send you as a gift if you FB me your address. I'm not ready yet...

  2. Good luck with your endevours. :)