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Friday, April 23, 2010

All I desire...Temptation...Keep climbing..Higher and Higher


So far so good on the job hunt thing.  I had two  call backs this week.  I have an interview on Monday for a retail establishment and I have another potential temp job opportunity.  So At least I'm getting call backs.  I need to make plans to try and get my jewelry sales up and running.  I'm thinking maybe EBAY.  I have a few pieces on ETSY.

RAWR!  Thats how I feel today.  I've been in such a dark yet bubbly mood today.  Creepy things make me happy.  It felt good to dust off my dreads and give them a whirl again yesterday.  Amazing how just a lil addition to my hair makes me feel more at peace with myself.  I do regret cutting my hair this last time.  I really am working on growing it out.  I don't want it to be as long and boring as before. Yet I no longer do boring in my life as I did those 2 and half years ago....

OLD KEELY (Boring)

NEW KEELY (Not so boring)  =P

HA!  Meow!

My best friend Krista is very recently engaged.  I'm very happy for her.  True love was at one point something she doubted existed and a short time later I sit back and say I told ya so *winks*  So In approx two years I'll have an awesome wedding to attend.  I was chosen as Maid of Honor, and thats awesome in itself.  Good thing I have 2 years to plan my madness...hehe.   Meow!


If I am ever to be married again I'd like to be married in something similar to this....Maybe with not so much

Recently got my tongue repierced...rock on.  Yet another piece to the puzzle of putting Keely Kat back together again.  Now I just need to work on my wardrobe a lil more...never enough black...vinyl...spikes...etc.... ;P

I dropped my phone the other day...typical Keely Kataztrophe....I thought everything was cool...ummm..until I turned it over.  Resembled a shattered mirror.  Gotta love touch screen phones... Well after some phone calls and deep breaths the phone is being replaced.  Should be arriving any minute now actually *patiently awaits the mail guy thats taking too long*  haha....


My baby brothers birthday is Saturday.  I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the party.  I'm jealous though.  My mom is flying in from the Virgin Islands to throw him a party.  How awesome is that?  Food that resembles Ninja Turtles, Pin the ears on Yoda, and massive quanities of alcohol...(WHY IS THE RUM ALWAYS GONE??) .ROCK ON!  LoL.  Good times man good times.   So ya Jeff (my brother) is going to be 30!  not   We're just a family that never grows up, and it's awesome.  :)

Crawlin....closer and closer to the ALICE show.  I'm getting really exited about this show.  I can't believe it's been ten years since I've seen Alice.  =)  *Sigh*  I really hope its an awesome time.  =)

Okie dokie I think thats ...*pause*   YAY!  New phone is here!  Oy...Now I gotta redo everything =(  All my sounds and stuffs...thats ok NEW RINGERS for all!  I'm in a really good mood today.  It is friday... =)  Hopin' for an awesome weekend!

I'm off like a blood stained shirt...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

*Dances like snoopy* I'm back! Meow....

Welly Welly Well it certainly has been awhile.  I honestly have not had much excitement to talk about.  I've moved.  Taking things one day at a time.  Still a crazed Keely Kat roaming around Charlotte.  I'm due for a ramble.....and here it is...

For the past five years or so I've dabbled in the world of beading and creating my own jewelry.  Falling into the self concious world of doubt and dismay I never truly pushed the issue to show the "world" my work.  Recently with my spare time I've started to pursue my "dream" if you will of creating my own jewelry line.  Over the past two years I've truly gained more strength and belief in my talent.  So I've put some pieces on here of my work.  I'd truly love some feedback.  So please e-mail me or comment.  Thanks =)

In other news my new home is amazing.  I love my friend Krista to pieces it's a whole new world for me.  This weekend the food OMG!  Amazing!  Home made Macs and Cheese (A Keely FAV)  and today homemade chinese food.  A feast!  Truly the best chinese ever!!  =P  Props to you girly (KRISTA)  You rock my pin striped socks.  Also a quick shout out to her boyfriend Chris (My new FRIEND)  you rock!  Thank you for the "sneaky" work to make Krista SMILE!  Also you're a doll helping me with my computer retardedness and actually listening to my rambles about a certain guy in Canada and nerdiness.   Also I'd like to say it's a pleasure to make you both laugh til you cry!  =P
I'm still unemployed..bummer I know!  I wish there was a job for a horror nerd!  ??? =/ ????  So I'm still on the job hunt...Tomm I'm hitting up the retail shopidy see if I can get back into my roots's isn't great and hours psssh...but it's a paycheck...can always move up and/or find something else along the way.  :)

Movie rambles.....Totally loved Burton's Alice in Wonderland, saw it TWICE.  Once in 3-D...neatooooooo.  Still boycotting the NEW Nightmare on elm st.  Anyone that knows me truly knows my obsession with Robert, and the series...I can't do it.  I did want to be open minded about it...I tried...I just have seen so much already with the trailers, pics, synopsis, blogs, articles, and nothing is jumping out at me other than my own vomit as I'm literally sick to my stomache over it....So I shall Redbox this film and pay a dollar...This way I can have a nervous breakdown in the privacy of my own living room, and not have to make a scene in public from the travesty upon the screen.  Before anyone jumps down my throat about how Robert willingly stated he did NOT want to play the role of Freddy.  I'm well aware of how the casting went over and how the storyline was changed....I still have no desire to spend the money I don't have on the film being witnessed in a theater and then the sedative I'll need to get home.  Thanks!

In other film news..I'm very excited about the news I've been reading on Burton's take on Maleficent.  Maleficent is my favorite Disney villian of all time!  This could be super awesome!  Also Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham in Little Shop of Horrors...awesome...=)  Keanu Reeves in Jeckyll,  this could be great!  if done right...still not a lotta news on this one yet but its caught my interest.  Among a few others I'm curious about..Human Centipede, Toy Story 3, and Shrek Forever After.  =P  I'll stop here because I could ramble about movies for days...teehee.  :)

As for the Keely Kat taking care of herself.  I know a lot of  you have been asking me how I'm doing.  I'm awesome!!  I've started walking 3 miles a day.  I love that there's this amazing trail right behind where I live. I love to be outside and look at  nature...It's amazing.  To think I wasted so much time rotting indoors when I could've been enjoying this!  It's something I look forward to everyday.  It's not like exercise to me it's a walk that makes me feel good for taking care of myself, and seeing so many little things.  I forgot how neato caterpillars are, and flowers.  Today I counted 7 caterpillars....lil fuzzy ones.  Very cute!  When I was little I used to keep them as lil pets :)  Makes me giggle to think back to memories like that.  Awesome!  So I still need to quit smoking..BUT I've cut back a LOT!  So thats a good step.  I no longer smoke inside.  So that is a big step!  So I'm thinking by May this should be a done deal.  Baby steps....and stop making damn excuses I keep telling myself!  It's amazing how when you feel good about yourself things get a lil easier.  :)

Now for some FUN news!  I'm a total Alice Cooper nerd...I was bummed to see he's touring again and I THOUGHT he was NOT coming to NC...until one day a few weeks ago I woke up and checked my e-mail....and there it was....the most amazing news ever!  ALICE was coming not only to NC but to CHARLOTTE!  Can we say FUCK YEAH?!?!  Well I about spit my coffee across the kitchen and re-read the e-mail twice just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  I notified all my close friends immidetley  I was told I was loved and a magical fairy all within 20 minutes.  It's good to be the Keely!  So needless to say after ten years of waiting I got my tickets to see Alice Cooper again in concert with the added bonus of Rob Zombie!! May 19th!!!  Now as for the OTHER show I will be attending in September.  I'm all about some Lady Gaga!!  Love her story,  love her music, and yes I even love her image.  I think she's amazing.  I worked well with Krista's boyfriend Chris to surprise her with a belated Birthday gift of GAGA tickets!!!  So I'm super excited to see her and I know these two shows are going to be AMAZING!!!!  I love going to shows!!  Weeeeeee!!!  *DANCES LIKE SNOOPY*
gruesome twosome alice cooper charlotte Pictures, Images and Photos

One last thing before I go.....There is someone very special in my life right now that I wanted to mention.  They say things happen when you least expect it.  Maybe all things happen for a reason.  Maybe I should stop with the cliche's...haha...=P  So A HUGE shout out to mah Corey.  Somethings can never be explained.  They don't need to be.  So a lil about Corey...Corey is what we like to call a jack of all trades.  He can  master the art of culinary genius in the kitchen, get 150 headshots in MW2 in the blink of an eye, play guitar and bass, blows my mind being a music guru...he has great taste btw =P  Totally opened my eyes to some amazing bands I never knew existed.  So awesome.  He's also opened my eyes to Cat Sharks, hedgehogs, Lionfish, and basschund's....oh yes...There is muchness with the lil woo woo animals!  I'll stop here cuz I could go on and on....We all know how this Keely kitty LOVES to ramble about things she likes...LoL  =P  So yes thank you to Corey for just being you..thats all you ever had to do.  =)  xoxo.
Photobucket  TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yes he will be mine =P

So thats about all I have for today with my rambles.  I'm hoping to have more good news to ramble about soon.

I'm off like a dirty shirt!  Meow!