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Thursday, January 28, 2010

She was a Teenage Zombie!

Thank you to those who give a shit about my life and have requested I continue with my blog rambles.  So here I be and sit back I have a LOT to say =)

I'll start with my birthday weekend.  Saturday night I went to the Breakfast Club and had SO much fun, it was amazing!  An awesome group of friends to dance the night away with!  Another trip is being planned for the NEAR future! 

My actual bday was spent on the couch watching horror movies (White Zombie, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) all day, complete bliss.

So I'm now 33 going on 13...rock on.

As for the working out and quitting smoking.  Well I'll just lay it all out on the table now.  I have not been abiding by the best of my new Keely Kat rules.  The smoking has not stopped.  The stress hasn't either.  As for working out, I have all good intentions of returning to my routine as soon as possible.  I got my pilates for dummies tape and I'm all about it!  So wee! 
I have been in a sort of rut for the past week or so, feeling no motivation.  A boy came into my life that I truly cared about and as life would have it he has dissapeared.  Apparently I have this effect on men.  Either they lie to me or dissapear.  However I'm awesome and there is a man out there that will totally dig me as I will dig him.  Enough said.  No need to bitch.  It happened, you move on. 

As for other news.  Paranormal Activity...umm glad I only paid a dollar to redbox this.  Just sayin'

I'm feeling like a new piercing or tattoo, however funds are low.  I'm saving my pennies for my trip home to NY in Feb.  I have many people to see.   I'm so excited to see my FRIENDS and FAMILY again!  This makes me smiley! 

I haven't been doing much else.   The temp job is coming to a close soon, so it's back to job hunting.  Anyone want a roomie in june?  Ya I'm not sure what I'm going to do when this lease is up here. 

So let's see what else can I ramble about...Oh the Wednesday 13 show at the Murderdolls which are no longer, and he sang some Murderdoll songs which made me a happy kitty.  Being I thought I would never see them nor him perform YES!  Plus he's a girl can dream can't she...pssh.

Tomm is the Slackers show which will be my second time seeing them!  YaY!  Of course we are expeting bad weather this makes me frowny faced =(  I do not do well in ice n snowyness...Boo!  I'm still there though, it's a must see!

So Valentine's day is around the chocolates for me...but a valentine would be nice =P

I'm thinking the Cadbury creme eggs totally get small every year..I was just discussing this with my amazing friend the other day...I find this to be a travesty... >=/  The eggs not the friend, LoL!  <3

I've started crocheting a blankie for myself black of course with a touch of white and grey.  Amazing what one can do when they put their mind to something.  My friend Melissa is amazing at crocheting!  She needs to sell her stuff for real, hats scarves, lil woo woo snow men and stuff...very awesome!  So As old lady as we sound with this it's truly awesome shit!  WoRd!

well this looks like enough rambles for now...I'll try and be more attentive to my blog.  Promise!

Ps..and stuff.. *Dances like snoopy to Love at first Fright*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain!

Today was pretty uneventful so to speak.  Started off with a mad dash to work, you'd think with an alarm of The Misfits yelling at me every five mins I would get

Work was ok super busy, got really high numbers again, top of the team, well at least up until I left for the night at 5:30.  =)  Left a lil early because I was meeting some friends for dinner. 

Went to the Olive Garden...where no matter how I looked at this I wasn't feeling like a salad tonight.  I orderd the eggplant parm and ate a carbtaztrophe dinner!  I didn't feel too terribly guilty about it.  One reason was I hardly ate anything at all today.  Plus tomm starts my workout with my trainer!  So one dinner isn't going to kill me plus I hardly touched the pasta...It wasn't very yummy =/  I had a GREAT time with my friends though.  Melissa was such a SWEETIE she brought me BDAY GIFTS!! WeeEEe!!  I got UNO but not just any UNO.  UNO that came in a case thats Jack Skelllington's head! Soo NEATO!  All the cards have nightmare before christmas characters on them!  I also got a GREAT pink and white skull bracelet, and poppa smurf figurine (Another awesome addition to the toy store explosion on my bedroom walls), and the BESTEST keychain ever!  It's a lil box with bubbles on it, that is just like BUBBLE WRAP!  It makes a lil weird noise after you pop so many bubbles.  It's so awesome!  When I was visiting some friends in NY my friend Greg had one and it was entertaining for hours!  LoL  Ya I know I need to get out more, but it still rocks!  lol!  SO THANK YOU MELISSA YOU ROCK!!!!  =)


So not much else to ramble about...I'm excited for some NEW TRANSPLANTS!  Apparently a new album is in the works!!

 *dances like snoopy*

I'm hoping tomm goes well and I don't brake anything!  lol

I'm looking forward to a great weekend *crosses fingers*  heres to hoping for GOOD TIMES!

In other happenings..I was woken up at 3 am by my brother texting me to tell me he's single again =(  *pouts*  I was so bummed, I thought to myself I hope I didn't jinx him after mentioning him last night in my blog...I felt aweful.  Poor guy.  He'll find someone amazing soon enough.  I just felt bad cuz I couldn't really talk to him being I was half asleep and had work in a few hours.  awwwwww!  =/  Poor Jeffy.  I dunno how any chick could turn him down, he's so awesome!  =P

Some random things you probably didn't know about me, and probably won't really care about now that you do, lol

1)I'm deathly afraid of clowns....yet will watch anything horror!
2)I eat the skin seperate from the chicken when eating chicken nuggets.
3)I have a slight obsession with A Nightmare on Elm St
4)I own The Greatest American Hero Seasons one and two on dvd. 

Eh..nothing like silly rambles...=)

I'm tomm we'll see how functionable I am after my first workout series!

Random cute lil woo woo!  =P 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love song with a dash of The Slackers


Today was that type of day that sneaks up on you and makes you sing to yourself "Mamma said there'd be days like this. oh mamma said mamma said!"

So I of course overslept again and had just enough time to grab a shower, dance a lil to No Doubt while getting dressed, and run out the door for work. I stopped off to grab a hot cup of green tea, and continued to work. As I'm getting on 85 I thought I forgot my cellphone, argh! I'm searching while stopping in between the massive quantity of cars I'm stuck in traffic with. I can't find the damn thing anywhere! Oh no! Now I'm all aRRrrrGH I'm gonna be late to work. I'm paranoid without my phone I figure without it will be the day someone important calls, or I get stuck and need help. You know something would happen so I HAD to go back to get it! So I change lanes and get almost back to my apartment when I check the front pocket in my hoodie again and there it is! DAMMNIT!! It was Soooo not there ten minutes ago! Why does this happen????? So I'm now blazing to get to work, praying I don't get pulled over cuz this would so be my Well I got to work with five mins to spare PHEW! 


So as luck would have it I figured all would be well being I had such great numbers at work yesterday but no today was the day of EMAILS from hell! It was all taken care of in a matter of mins just little stuff I needed to fix, but I was like LEAVE ME ALONE I wanna rock the numbers again today! haha.

I had an ok day at work stayed busy rocked the numbers again Got 16 calls in..which is awesome being I did this before 6pm. I had an interesting talk at lunch with some friends apparently I missed the girl throwing up at her desk last week that decided it would be ok to continue working with vomit all over her desk and her face...umm..what? WHO DOES THAT?? I being me asked...did her head spin around? This made for a good laugh...I was like damn I missed working with Reagan! LoL.

So after work I'm driving..praying I don't run out of gas, cuz I was too lazy to stop. It's one of those I'll do it in the morning moments. I always have the Ipod on shuffle, it's never a dull moment with my singing like a rock star in the toaster. The Cure's (Love Song) came on and oh how I HEART the CURE...So This made me be all Robert Smith stuck on 85...haha.

So I get back to my place and I walk in the door to The Slackers playing, how wonderful! I felt it necessary to do a lil dance as soon as I walked in...It was so groooovy...I heart the slackers and it was just so fitting and relaxing to come home to. My roomie (Steve) and our friend Earl are writing a new screenplay. So I walked into the writing process, good stuff! Our Internet has been not "Working" so we finally got things situated and will be fixed on thurs. I was all pouty faced thinking I wouldn't be able to come on tonight, but HERE I AM!

So I've got to be honest I've been failing at this quitting smoking, I'm doing much better I haven't smoked all day but I bummed some from my roomie tonight, now I sit here feeling guilty. I do awesome when I'm not around it. I know it'll take time and I just have to be stricter with myself! I know I can do this, and I HAVE to do this!!! I HAVE to! Well at least I'm not buying them anymore... *Sigh*

So in the midst of The Slackers and screenplay writing my friend Earl mentioned that he is going to help me. He's amazing at working out, he totally knows what he talking about. So we discussed all the many workout routines and ways to shape this body up! So starting Thursday I scored me a personal trainer! YES! So I'm very excited, and now there's less risk of me hurting myself hahaha! My leg is feeling much better today so thats awesome!

I finally watched Strangeland last night. Ahhh Dee Snider, tatted, pierced and psycho...Needless to say I enjoyed the film. I had seen it years ago but forgot most of it, so it was entertaining. Reminded me of moooooooooons ago when I used to goto Chiller Theatre in Jersey and he was there promoting Strangeland. I saw him. LoL. I met many awesome people back in the day going to Chiller. I miss it so much! So after watching the movie I talked about life for a few with my roomie and then decided to fall asleep watching Beauty and the Beast, but not before I sang along with Belle to the opening song..BONJOUR! BONJOUR! lmao! Yes I sat on my bed hugging my Tigger doll singing along to a Disney movie 12:30 at night. Yep I'm going to be 33 on Sunday! =)

So other random rambles. I recently found out my brother has a new girlfriend and this makes me happy. He told me she's very Meg Ryan and I told him he's very Tom Hanks, it's PERFECT!! I've been watching Sleepless in Seattle too much recently, and then theres You've Got Mail! I sooo love happy ending movies. I have a GOOD feeling about this year! I'm hoping for my happy ending! Ya never know...All things happen for a reason. =) One thing I do know for a fact is no one can truly love you until you truly love yourself. =)

So my birthday is Sunday I know I keep mentioning this and I can't help it. I'm such a five year old when it comes to my birthday! I love my birthday! I'm still trying to make some plans. The Breakfast Club has been mentioned. All my friends know I LOVE 80's music, and I LOVE that club. It's just that everytime I go I'm the only one dancing =/ Thats no fun. So I told my roomie that it's prolly not a good idea cuz no one would enjoy it. *sigh* So maybe Tremont, or something else. All I know is I would really like to go "OUT" and do something fun. Last year my roomie was sick and I didn't get to do anything *pout* Not his fault or anything, just how the cookie crumbles.


Well thats all for now. Now onto more Slackers as my background music, and relaxing for the night. Tomorrow is Trivia night. I do this every Wednesday with my friends Lindsey and Melissa. It's a great girls night out for laughs, and dinner. I enjoy it, sometimes I even get a questions right. The only night I did AMAZINGLY well was the week of Halloween when all the questions were based on Horror movies or spooky shows.. Apparently this is my specialty. =P

The Slackers make me want to put on my Fedora..teehee!

I'll end this all kinds of Tracey Ulman style ... GO HOME! GO HOME!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Window and Fraggles!

Today was a good day...

I was dissapointed that I slept in too late to get my kickboxing in before work..damn

Got to work without my plastic window flying off onto 85 somewhere.  Sat down at my desk and said to myself ok let's do this.  Call the damn insurance company and get this window fixed.  So I call and everything was done within an hour.  They sent out the window fixer guy and he replaced the window right in the parking lot.  Awesome.  Cost me a bit but it was done and overwith.  So yay the toaster is in one piece again!!
I thought I was going to do terrible at work today I didn't get one call completed til after 10 with all the window drama, I got in at 8:30...I was awating a nasty e-mail stating I was behind and blah blah..

Well I took one for the team my goal is 9 calls with a stretch of the time I left I had 15, which scored me another $5 gift card for Target, lol!  WOOT!

So I was feeling pretty good leaving work tonight, I had a new window and got great numbers in at work.  I guess I must've been in a good mood considering I sang like a rock star and did lil dances in the car on the drive home.  My Ipod made me very happy went a lil something like this... Never Ending Story (The Birthday Massacre), American Psycho (Misfits), Total Ecplipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler), Beloved (VNV Nation) Light (KMFDM) and pulled into the parking lot with I'm in love with my car (Mike Ness) which made me giggle cuz I am so in loooove with my car, and so relieved it's OK now!!  LoL...Ya i'm a dork...I know I know... BUT I'm a cute dork!  TeeHee

My leg still hurts which is annoying because this is putting a damper on my kickboxing!  =/  Stupid pulled muscle...argh!


So I've decided to take it easy tonight and hopefully get back into routine tomm morning before work.  No there is no "hopefully"  I WILL get back into routine in the morning!  I was good I'm taking full advantage of my job giving us free lunch for the term of this temp position.  Today it was a turkey sub, and water for me..ok I had a few chips..but i DID give my keebler cookies to my friend, and snacked on fruit for the afternoon.  So yay! 

So now I sit watching Fraggle Rock..I know a very uneventful evening.  It's totally a Monday.  I do however heart FRAGGLES!  TeeHee!

Ya pretty boing blog today...I'm just havign a case of the Monday's I guess lol.  I guess after the drama yesterday it's nice to at least relax after an eventful past 24 hours.

So what'll it be tonight?  I'm thinking I really should watch the rest of White Zombie..I never did get to watch Strangeland last night...damn...and I really wanna watch Son of Frankenstein...Eh who's not like I don't own all of these and can watch them at anytime.  I'm just excited cuz I have all these movies that are "NEW" to my collection so I want to watch them ALL at ONCE!  lol  ya about that...not gonna happen.. dirrr..


Alrighty I think I've rambled enough for today...So TOMM ITS ALL BOUT KICKBOXING! 

Oh yes and it's only a matter of days til my BDAY!  =)  WeEeEeE! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Broken glass and Cauliflower soup...

Woke up this morning with my only concern being the mountain of laundry I had to do. If I only knew at 9:30 what a day it would be....

After much laziness I finally finished my laundry and put it away, I just sat on my bed to check my facebook when my roommate walked in...I heard him say Sheriff and the first thought that came to mind was I had my stereo too loud, and needed to turn it down...*sigh* no it was worse....

He proceeded to tell me the Sheriff that lives in the same complex as us was jogging and noticed my car had been broken into...Well I thought he was kidding around...hahaha...yeah no...

I don't handle shock well..I stared blankly for a min and couldn't quite get the words out that I wanted to say...I remember just looking retarded and saying what do i do? So My roommate called the police, I threw on something other than my sweats and tank top and walked down to survey the damage...

The whole driver side window was EVERYWHERE.....I waited for the police to arrive before touching anything. The officer arrived a few mins later, and then proceeded with the do I have anybody that dislikes me? and relationship problems? I wanted to say ya the problem is I'm not in one, lol! ehh...ya not funny...anyway...He took some notes and gave me a card blah blah.

SOooo here's the ipod...still in the car, so are my cd's, and my radio, the only thing that was taken was my car manual and my armoral wipes...can we say WHAT THE FUCK??? O.o
So thankful my friend needed to borrow my GPS the other day! I knew that was safe! Phew! =)

I was a bundle of nerves at this point to put it lightly...I asked my roomie for a cig, I had one just one...It calmed my nerves...I know I know what can I say? I'm only human!

My main concern right now is where the hell am I going to get the money to get this fixed? I know I know first thing in the morning I call the insurance company and go from there...

As for the whole life changing I'm doing awesome part of my day...I haven't gone off the beaten path with eating today at all. My roomie made a most amazing Cauliflower soup, totally DEVINE!

I haven't gotten to my kickboxing today, which disappoints me but I'm still very sore from yesterday, and today's travels to get materials for a fake window and to collect my GPS and my friends bluetooth entailed a bit of walking so at least I got out of the house and walked a bit lol.

I know this will all be resolved in a few days and hopefully without too much stress. My birthday is a week from today...shit. I'm not sure if I'm just stressing, nicfitting, or what but this awful mood hopefully wont last too much longer... *Sigh*

On a lighter note while venturing back to Manifest today to collect my friends bluetooth (She dropped it while we were there last night) I of course ventured to the horror section...I can't pass up horror movies for 5 bucks...used or not It's a bargaaaiiinn....weeee! So I purchased Strangeland...I haven't seen it in years..and you can't go wrong with anything that contains Robert Englund somewhere in the mix hahaha! He's my HERO! o.O So I think I'll throw that in the DVD player shortly...Calm my nerves with a lil gore..and Dee!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news and definitely some kickboxing!

A quick shout out to Eri who totally made me laugh tonight, I soooo needed girl chat THANK YOU!(Hugs!!)
and to Mike for saving my GPS, omg you've just totally saved the world before bedtime a LOT this week!  (Hugs!!)

mmm I just remembered I bought some pears! Time for a snack!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner and Kickboxing....

I'm thrilled with the positive feedback I've received from those who have read my blog. I was hesitant to start one figuring people would just roll their eyes and be like whatever Keely...psssh....

Then I realized that talking about what I'm going through truly will help me along the way. The only person that's going to change my life is might as well blog about it. LoL

Today was a little first trip to the "Healthy" food store to explore and see what I can conjure up to munch on...I was like a lil kid browsing and making weird faces...The what in the hell is this...face.. and the... oooOOOOoooh a whole wall of TEA! face...haha.. o.O

So I picked up a few items, and found I was excited to get home and cut up broccoli...hmm? Strange..

A good friend of mine came down to visit today and it was wonderful hearing about her adventures in NY, and catching up on some well needed girl talk. We hadn't seen each other in about a month. Then came the obstacle of *dramatic background music* DINNER!!!! EEeeeep!

I explained to her my whole situation and had her read the previous blog. So now where to eat and what to eat?? We decided on Ruby Tuesday...they have a salad bar. I didn't feel like eating a salad for dinner..I really wanted some Portofino's pizza...mmmmMMMmm PIZZA!! No no no god..I feel like such a five yr scolding my self like come on girl you just started..stop thinking about damn pizza...

So after a ridiculous adventure to find this place because I'm directionally challenged and well theres just never a dull So we get there and I'm all doo do ooo doo looking over the menu...hmmm...ok stay focused...FOCUS..haha So I order a water...with lemon....two veggie mini burgers and salad bar. Now you realize the veggie minis come with fries...and on buns. I'm so trying to stay away from carbs..not completely Shit I'm only human I need a carb here and there, but damn now I'm going to have fries and buns staring at me. Pssh...

So off to the salad bar! Normally I'd totally go in for the kill...pile that shit on! BACON,PASTA/POTATO SALAD, CRACKERS, ...the works!! This time I looked at my options and thought...well happy ending...or pointless suffering? So I went for the spinach, tomatoes, onion, lil sprinkle of egg for a kick, mushrooms, and light dressing just a lil...I splurged and put a spoonful of cottage cheese on the corner with three grapes. No Bacon...No Pasta or Potato salad..No Crackers...I walked back to my seat can do this see that was easy!

Meanwhile I'm thinking damn I want a cigarette, and shit that Potato salad looked awesome...

I sat down and munched away chatting it up with my friend, then dinner arrived...perfect two mini veggie burgers on two perfect carb infested buns! And rock on we have golden hot fries that smell like heaven! So it's decision making time again...happy ending or feeling guilty all night. I ate those lil mini veggie burgers and enjoyed them very much! Just took off the buns and made a lil tower out of em on my plate. Called it carb castle... o.O ok ok so I ate three french fries....I'm only human...Just three and the rest went away with the carb castle...

After dinner I sooo wanted a cigarette i dunno maybe its just the force of habit issue when spending time out with friends driving around I always used to smoke and bullshit. Good thing the friend I was with had quit smoking a few weeks ago, so we had some gum and ventured off to Manifest to browse. Manifest is this amazing movie, music, memorabilia store in Charlotte...fucking awesome! I turn into instant 5 yr old once through the door...Theres so many horror collectibles, cd's, shirts, stickers, and dvds pssh its just that awesome. So I bought something...A kickboxing DVD! Yes! I'm super excited. Once my body stops friggin hurting. I'm sore from my workout this morning... =/ However It's totally worth I keep telling myself. Just keep moving...think sexy dress...think clothes cost less for skinny!

So hopefully tomm I can try a lil kickboxing if I'm not in too much pain...You know the classic "You really feel it the next day" syndrome. I'm excited though either way even if it's just some crunches I'll get something in tomm. My mom just told me she bought me Pilates for dummies! I'm so excited I can't wait til it arrives! Weee! Haha!

Well that about sum up today's ramble...I'm off like a dirty shirt! 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Time for a Change!!

Time for a change...

Well it's a new year and already I'm overwhelmed. I've made it a point to make this my year. I'm changing my life. It's the hardest thing I've ever built up the courage to do in my 32 yrs on this planet.

Some say you have to hit rock bottom before you realize you need to make a change. I my friends hit rock bottom...hard. A few days ago I was sitting at my desk, quietly tapping away at my work...Then the room started spinning, my palms got sweaty, and I almost passed out. I closed my eyes and took a breath, just told myself to stay calm and relax, this will didn't...I was feeling flushed, and went to get some air. I grabbed my cellphone and called my mom..She stated DRINK A COKE! Believing this to be a diabetic issue and my sugar had dropped. I drank the coke (ew I despise regular soda) and I felt a little better. I was still shaking though. I made the decision to call my Dr. I called and made an appt for that afternoon, not caring that it was only my third day "live" on the phones at the recent "Temp" job I'm working...I called a dear friend who thankfully was able to drive me. I was too dizzy to make it..

So I'm embarrassed..I had not taken my Diabetes meds in over three months, believing there was nothing wrong with me and I didn't need them. I get on the scale and surprise surprise I gained ten pounds. I see the Dr..How embarrassing is this? I used to work in this office for years...and now I'm on the other side the dumbass that's rotting away and killing herself because she doesn't take her medicine nor does she take care of her life! I used to roll my eyes at people like me, saying how do you leave your house like that?

Again..rock bottom..

Now I sat there..No health insurance, blood pressure high, sugar level high, gained 10 lbs, wheezing all over the place, still smoking cigarettes....After the Dr. whom was very nice btw..gave me some meds for the cough and wheeze, and a blood meter to keep track of my sugar levels. He looked me straight in the eyes and said "Keely...*pause* Take care of yourself"....I will never forget those words....Reality slapped me in the face...I'm going to be 33 in a week and I'm falling apart....

Soooooooo after filling my RX, I drove home smoked my last cig listening to "Rainy Monday" Shiny Toy Guns...and decided right there at that moment with tears falling down my face that I had to change my life....

I hated that I had gotten to this point. I knew everything I did was wrong. Smoking a half a pack of cig's sitting on the couch eating M&M's at 11:30 at night....I was just in the mind I'm fine, nothing wrong with me...

It's still a very new change, and I'm baby stepping my way into a new life...Not just a life where I can breathe without toxins infecting my lungs every few mins on the couch...but a healthy life...a life where I eat "real" food, and I workout because I want to..not because I'm forced too...

I have gone over 48 hours no cig, easy, not at all cried last night, I've become bitter as hell, I'm depressed, and yet I know this time next week I'll be so proud of myself for getting that far I'll be dancing like snoopy! I keep telling myself you are going to amaze yourself. You tell everyone this is going to be your year, FUCKING DO IT!

So yes I've cut out soda, and a LOT of carbs, I'm drinking lots and lots of water, and researching researching and talking talking to some awesome friends that really know how to take care of themselves and eat "Real" food. It's amazing, how much better one feels after just learning a few things...

So the battle continues...I won $10 in Target gift cards at work today, apparently I did something right, lol. I went to Target and bought a workout DVD with my gift cards. Came home and tried it..well needless to say I watched most of it sitting on my ass, and the parts I tried well it was a site! I giggled a lot and said to myself, baby steps honey baby steps...give it a few weeks and you'll get this shit down! So Yes I'm going to put my stubborn irish girl attitude to the test, and get this shit GOING! Woot!

After all I'm going to be 33 in a week, I'm single, and my life's an open book. Time to make things happen!

I liked this note, had a happy ending =) maybe I'll write more!