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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Broken glass and Cauliflower soup...

Woke up this morning with my only concern being the mountain of laundry I had to do. If I only knew at 9:30 what a day it would be....

After much laziness I finally finished my laundry and put it away, I just sat on my bed to check my facebook when my roommate walked in...I heard him say Sheriff and the first thought that came to mind was I had my stereo too loud, and needed to turn it down...*sigh* no it was worse....

He proceeded to tell me the Sheriff that lives in the same complex as us was jogging and noticed my car had been broken into...Well I thought he was kidding around...hahaha...yeah no...

I don't handle shock well..I stared blankly for a min and couldn't quite get the words out that I wanted to say...I remember just looking retarded and saying what do i do? So My roommate called the police, I threw on something other than my sweats and tank top and walked down to survey the damage...

The whole driver side window was EVERYWHERE.....I waited for the police to arrive before touching anything. The officer arrived a few mins later, and then proceeded with the do I have anybody that dislikes me? and relationship problems? I wanted to say ya the problem is I'm not in one, lol! ehh...ya not funny...anyway...He took some notes and gave me a card blah blah.

SOooo here's the ipod...still in the car, so are my cd's, and my radio, the only thing that was taken was my car manual and my armoral wipes...can we say WHAT THE FUCK??? O.o
So thankful my friend needed to borrow my GPS the other day! I knew that was safe! Phew! =)

I was a bundle of nerves at this point to put it lightly...I asked my roomie for a cig, I had one just one...It calmed my nerves...I know I know what can I say? I'm only human!

My main concern right now is where the hell am I going to get the money to get this fixed? I know I know first thing in the morning I call the insurance company and go from there...

As for the whole life changing I'm doing awesome part of my day...I haven't gone off the beaten path with eating today at all. My roomie made a most amazing Cauliflower soup, totally DEVINE!

I haven't gotten to my kickboxing today, which disappoints me but I'm still very sore from yesterday, and today's travels to get materials for a fake window and to collect my GPS and my friends bluetooth entailed a bit of walking so at least I got out of the house and walked a bit lol.

I know this will all be resolved in a few days and hopefully without too much stress. My birthday is a week from today...shit. I'm not sure if I'm just stressing, nicfitting, or what but this awful mood hopefully wont last too much longer... *Sigh*

On a lighter note while venturing back to Manifest today to collect my friends bluetooth (She dropped it while we were there last night) I of course ventured to the horror section...I can't pass up horror movies for 5 bucks...used or not It's a bargaaaiiinn....weeee! So I purchased Strangeland...I haven't seen it in years..and you can't go wrong with anything that contains Robert Englund somewhere in the mix hahaha! He's my HERO! o.O So I think I'll throw that in the DVD player shortly...Calm my nerves with a lil gore..and Dee!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news and definitely some kickboxing!

A quick shout out to Eri who totally made me laugh tonight, I soooo needed girl chat THANK YOU!(Hugs!!)
and to Mike for saving my GPS, omg you've just totally saved the world before bedtime a LOT this week!  (Hugs!!)

mmm I just remembered I bought some pears! Time for a snack!

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