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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain!

Today was pretty uneventful so to speak.  Started off with a mad dash to work, you'd think with an alarm of The Misfits yelling at me every five mins I would get

Work was ok super busy, got really high numbers again, top of the team, well at least up until I left for the night at 5:30.  =)  Left a lil early because I was meeting some friends for dinner. 

Went to the Olive Garden...where no matter how I looked at this I wasn't feeling like a salad tonight.  I orderd the eggplant parm and ate a carbtaztrophe dinner!  I didn't feel too terribly guilty about it.  One reason was I hardly ate anything at all today.  Plus tomm starts my workout with my trainer!  So one dinner isn't going to kill me plus I hardly touched the pasta...It wasn't very yummy =/  I had a GREAT time with my friends though.  Melissa was such a SWEETIE she brought me BDAY GIFTS!! WeeEEe!!  I got UNO but not just any UNO.  UNO that came in a case thats Jack Skelllington's head! Soo NEATO!  All the cards have nightmare before christmas characters on them!  I also got a GREAT pink and white skull bracelet, and poppa smurf figurine (Another awesome addition to the toy store explosion on my bedroom walls), and the BESTEST keychain ever!  It's a lil box with bubbles on it, that is just like BUBBLE WRAP!  It makes a lil weird noise after you pop so many bubbles.  It's so awesome!  When I was visiting some friends in NY my friend Greg had one and it was entertaining for hours!  LoL  Ya I know I need to get out more, but it still rocks!  lol!  SO THANK YOU MELISSA YOU ROCK!!!!  =)


So not much else to ramble about...I'm excited for some NEW TRANSPLANTS!  Apparently a new album is in the works!!

 *dances like snoopy*

I'm hoping tomm goes well and I don't brake anything!  lol

I'm looking forward to a great weekend *crosses fingers*  heres to hoping for GOOD TIMES!

In other happenings..I was woken up at 3 am by my brother texting me to tell me he's single again =(  *pouts*  I was so bummed, I thought to myself I hope I didn't jinx him after mentioning him last night in my blog...I felt aweful.  Poor guy.  He'll find someone amazing soon enough.  I just felt bad cuz I couldn't really talk to him being I was half asleep and had work in a few hours.  awwwwww!  =/  Poor Jeffy.  I dunno how any chick could turn him down, he's so awesome!  =P

Some random things you probably didn't know about me, and probably won't really care about now that you do, lol

1)I'm deathly afraid of clowns....yet will watch anything horror!
2)I eat the skin seperate from the chicken when eating chicken nuggets.
3)I have a slight obsession with A Nightmare on Elm St
4)I own The Greatest American Hero Seasons one and two on dvd. 

Eh..nothing like silly rambles...=)

I'm tomm we'll see how functionable I am after my first workout series!

Random cute lil woo woo!  =P 

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  1. Good luck with the trainer tomorrow!!! Stay strong!!!!! :)