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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love song with a dash of The Slackers


Today was that type of day that sneaks up on you and makes you sing to yourself "Mamma said there'd be days like this. oh mamma said mamma said!"

So I of course overslept again and had just enough time to grab a shower, dance a lil to No Doubt while getting dressed, and run out the door for work. I stopped off to grab a hot cup of green tea, and continued to work. As I'm getting on 85 I thought I forgot my cellphone, argh! I'm searching while stopping in between the massive quantity of cars I'm stuck in traffic with. I can't find the damn thing anywhere! Oh no! Now I'm all aRRrrrGH I'm gonna be late to work. I'm paranoid without my phone I figure without it will be the day someone important calls, or I get stuck and need help. You know something would happen so I HAD to go back to get it! So I change lanes and get almost back to my apartment when I check the front pocket in my hoodie again and there it is! DAMMNIT!! It was Soooo not there ten minutes ago! Why does this happen????? So I'm now blazing to get to work, praying I don't get pulled over cuz this would so be my Well I got to work with five mins to spare PHEW! 


So as luck would have it I figured all would be well being I had such great numbers at work yesterday but no today was the day of EMAILS from hell! It was all taken care of in a matter of mins just little stuff I needed to fix, but I was like LEAVE ME ALONE I wanna rock the numbers again today! haha.

I had an ok day at work stayed busy rocked the numbers again Got 16 calls in..which is awesome being I did this before 6pm. I had an interesting talk at lunch with some friends apparently I missed the girl throwing up at her desk last week that decided it would be ok to continue working with vomit all over her desk and her face...umm..what? WHO DOES THAT?? I being me asked...did her head spin around? This made for a good laugh...I was like damn I missed working with Reagan! LoL.

So after work I'm driving..praying I don't run out of gas, cuz I was too lazy to stop. It's one of those I'll do it in the morning moments. I always have the Ipod on shuffle, it's never a dull moment with my singing like a rock star in the toaster. The Cure's (Love Song) came on and oh how I HEART the CURE...So This made me be all Robert Smith stuck on 85...haha.

So I get back to my place and I walk in the door to The Slackers playing, how wonderful! I felt it necessary to do a lil dance as soon as I walked in...It was so groooovy...I heart the slackers and it was just so fitting and relaxing to come home to. My roomie (Steve) and our friend Earl are writing a new screenplay. So I walked into the writing process, good stuff! Our Internet has been not "Working" so we finally got things situated and will be fixed on thurs. I was all pouty faced thinking I wouldn't be able to come on tonight, but HERE I AM!

So I've got to be honest I've been failing at this quitting smoking, I'm doing much better I haven't smoked all day but I bummed some from my roomie tonight, now I sit here feeling guilty. I do awesome when I'm not around it. I know it'll take time and I just have to be stricter with myself! I know I can do this, and I HAVE to do this!!! I HAVE to! Well at least I'm not buying them anymore... *Sigh*

So in the midst of The Slackers and screenplay writing my friend Earl mentioned that he is going to help me. He's amazing at working out, he totally knows what he talking about. So we discussed all the many workout routines and ways to shape this body up! So starting Thursday I scored me a personal trainer! YES! So I'm very excited, and now there's less risk of me hurting myself hahaha! My leg is feeling much better today so thats awesome!

I finally watched Strangeland last night. Ahhh Dee Snider, tatted, pierced and psycho...Needless to say I enjoyed the film. I had seen it years ago but forgot most of it, so it was entertaining. Reminded me of moooooooooons ago when I used to goto Chiller Theatre in Jersey and he was there promoting Strangeland. I saw him. LoL. I met many awesome people back in the day going to Chiller. I miss it so much! So after watching the movie I talked about life for a few with my roomie and then decided to fall asleep watching Beauty and the Beast, but not before I sang along with Belle to the opening song..BONJOUR! BONJOUR! lmao! Yes I sat on my bed hugging my Tigger doll singing along to a Disney movie 12:30 at night. Yep I'm going to be 33 on Sunday! =)

So other random rambles. I recently found out my brother has a new girlfriend and this makes me happy. He told me she's very Meg Ryan and I told him he's very Tom Hanks, it's PERFECT!! I've been watching Sleepless in Seattle too much recently, and then theres You've Got Mail! I sooo love happy ending movies. I have a GOOD feeling about this year! I'm hoping for my happy ending! Ya never know...All things happen for a reason. =) One thing I do know for a fact is no one can truly love you until you truly love yourself. =)

So my birthday is Sunday I know I keep mentioning this and I can't help it. I'm such a five year old when it comes to my birthday! I love my birthday! I'm still trying to make some plans. The Breakfast Club has been mentioned. All my friends know I LOVE 80's music, and I LOVE that club. It's just that everytime I go I'm the only one dancing =/ Thats no fun. So I told my roomie that it's prolly not a good idea cuz no one would enjoy it. *sigh* So maybe Tremont, or something else. All I know is I would really like to go "OUT" and do something fun. Last year my roomie was sick and I didn't get to do anything *pout* Not his fault or anything, just how the cookie crumbles.


Well thats all for now. Now onto more Slackers as my background music, and relaxing for the night. Tomorrow is Trivia night. I do this every Wednesday with my friends Lindsey and Melissa. It's a great girls night out for laughs, and dinner. I enjoy it, sometimes I even get a questions right. The only night I did AMAZINGLY well was the week of Halloween when all the questions were based on Horror movies or spooky shows.. Apparently this is my specialty. =P

The Slackers make me want to put on my Fedora..teehee!

I'll end this all kinds of Tracey Ulman style ... GO HOME! GO HOME!

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