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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Window and Fraggles!

Today was a good day...

I was dissapointed that I slept in too late to get my kickboxing in before work..damn

Got to work without my plastic window flying off onto 85 somewhere.  Sat down at my desk and said to myself ok let's do this.  Call the damn insurance company and get this window fixed.  So I call and everything was done within an hour.  They sent out the window fixer guy and he replaced the window right in the parking lot.  Awesome.  Cost me a bit but it was done and overwith.  So yay the toaster is in one piece again!!
I thought I was going to do terrible at work today I didn't get one call completed til after 10 with all the window drama, I got in at 8:30...I was awating a nasty e-mail stating I was behind and blah blah..

Well I took one for the team my goal is 9 calls with a stretch of the time I left I had 15, which scored me another $5 gift card for Target, lol!  WOOT!

So I was feeling pretty good leaving work tonight, I had a new window and got great numbers in at work.  I guess I must've been in a good mood considering I sang like a rock star and did lil dances in the car on the drive home.  My Ipod made me very happy went a lil something like this... Never Ending Story (The Birthday Massacre), American Psycho (Misfits), Total Ecplipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler), Beloved (VNV Nation) Light (KMFDM) and pulled into the parking lot with I'm in love with my car (Mike Ness) which made me giggle cuz I am so in loooove with my car, and so relieved it's OK now!!  LoL...Ya i'm a dork...I know I know... BUT I'm a cute dork!  TeeHee

My leg still hurts which is annoying because this is putting a damper on my kickboxing!  =/  Stupid pulled muscle...argh!


So I've decided to take it easy tonight and hopefully get back into routine tomm morning before work.  No there is no "hopefully"  I WILL get back into routine in the morning!  I was good I'm taking full advantage of my job giving us free lunch for the term of this temp position.  Today it was a turkey sub, and water for me..ok I had a few chips..but i DID give my keebler cookies to my friend, and snacked on fruit for the afternoon.  So yay! 

So now I sit watching Fraggle Rock..I know a very uneventful evening.  It's totally a Monday.  I do however heart FRAGGLES!  TeeHee!

Ya pretty boing blog today...I'm just havign a case of the Monday's I guess lol.  I guess after the drama yesterday it's nice to at least relax after an eventful past 24 hours.

So what'll it be tonight?  I'm thinking I really should watch the rest of White Zombie..I never did get to watch Strangeland last night...damn...and I really wanna watch Son of Frankenstein...Eh who's not like I don't own all of these and can watch them at anytime.  I'm just excited cuz I have all these movies that are "NEW" to my collection so I want to watch them ALL at ONCE!  lol  ya about that...not gonna happen.. dirrr..


Alrighty I think I've rambled enough for today...So TOMM ITS ALL BOUT KICKBOXING! 

Oh yes and it's only a matter of days til my BDAY!  =)  WeEeEeE! 

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