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Monday, February 1, 2010

Zombieland and Serendipity

Today was a good day for me.  I took a personal day to get things accomplished for myself.  I revamped my resume, and applied for a few jobs.  This made me feel better.  =)

I also dabbled across looking into a new apartment.  Didn't get very far but at least I found a few options for the future.  All in all I feel like I accomplished a few things.  HaHa.

I'm excited about Zombieland coming out on DVD tomm.  I haven't actually bought a "new" movie in ages.  I totally loved this movie!  Hee Hee!

So as life would have it I'm seeing reports for bad weather again this saturday.  This does not sit well with me.  I'm so excited about the Breakfast Club, and have a lot of friends that will be joing me.  Snow and ice cannot ruin this outing!  I'm totally pouting over this...please just be rain pleeeease!!!  LoL  =/

So I just watched Serendipity alone in my room, and needed a Kleenex, I love happy endings!  Now I need a horror fix.  I go through these weird movie moods.  So I'm thinking I need something intersting, something I haven't seen in ages...The winner is The Lost Boys.  Classic.  I haven't watched it in forever.  I almost chose Wishmaster...not tonight though.  I really need to get more for my!!  =P

I'm thinking that this week if going to be better than last week.  As long as this crazy weather lets up!  I'm so not a driving on ice person...I don't think anybody is!  Ice is the enemy!!  Dumb ice...

It's February already...amazing how time flies.  I'm so hoping that I can fit in my trip to NY.  I'm a lil worried about  the drive alone.  However it's so worth it to go home and reconnect with my friends and family again.  I need this trip.  I need to get away from Charlotte for awhile and breathe.  I know in my heart and my mind that things are really going to start to look up.  Things already are for me.  It's all a matter of time and patience. 

Speaking of patience...I've been giving a lot of thought to my jewelry collection.  I have so much in front of me that goes untouched.  I'm really trying to not be in that wretched mindset that my work isnt worthwhile.  I have a talent.  Use it Keely Stop hiding it.  So ya, I'm going to start to work on some new ideas and see what comes out.  =)  If anyone is interested in some one of kind designs just let me know!  =) TeeHee!

I'm thinking I need to get off my bed and put The Lost Boys in already and veg for the night.  I felt the need to ramble away for a few mins. 

Shout out time!

Krista: Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  You are an amazing friend!  I don't know what I would have done without you this past week!! 

Erica:  I'm coming over in a few weeks, for coffee.  I really am coming to NY.  I've been talking about this for months.  I'm really going I promise!  Will you meet me in virginia so I dont have to drive the whole way alone???  LoL!!!  I'm just playin!  and you knoooooow this!

To ALL my "FRIENDS"  this song is for you!!!  If you don't have it...GET IT!  I <3 you all! *sniff*

True Believers~Bouncing Souls

I've met some people along the way,

Some of them split some of them stay,

Some of them walk some walk on by,

I've got a few friends I'll love till I die

From all of these people I try to learn,

Some of them shine some of them burn,

Some of them rise some of them fall,

For good or bad I've known them all

We live our life in our own way,

Never really listened to what they say,

The kind of faith that doesn't fade away

We are the true believers

We are the true believers

Well you can fight or you can run,

Hide under a rock till the war is won,

Play it safe and don't make a sound,

But not us we won't back down

True believers all the way,

You and I...

We live our life in our own way,

Never really listened to what they say,

The kind of faith that doesn't fade away

We are the true believers

We are the true believers

True believers

So to end this blog of the day I would simply like to say.  Things are happening.  Good things.  The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades... =P

~Keely Kat

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