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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NEW YORK and a cup of CAWFEE

So much has happened over this last week.  I have caught up with so many friends it's amazing, and a mind scramble all at once.  I have a lot to say so bare with me.

I'll start with my friends funeral.  I will give Ali a HUGE Shout out on here for being so amazing that day.  We talked for hours and really caught up with whats been going on in each others lives over the past few years.  Amazing how you feel like no time has passed and yet its ten years later.  So THANK YOU Ali again for being there for me.  The wake was sad.  Very sad.  It's still very hard to believe that he's gone.
I ran into so many people there it was almost too much to handle.  I felt like I was stuck in the high school reunion from the Twilight Zone.  People I hadn't seen since elementary school were there.  Some were nice we chatted for a moment...others just looked away.  This did not surprise me in the least.  Theres a reason you just don't talk to people.  A fellow classmate had said a few words about our friend and it really brought a tear to my eye when he mentioned that friends from Tuxedo aren't just friends they are family.  It's true.

At the funeral I was making my way with some friends to be closer to the casket for our last goodbyes...I said "excuse me" to someone's mother whom I had known my whole life and she ooooh so wickedly stated "Why don't ya just push right in front of me"!  Ahh the bitch almost got my fist down her throat...I'm at my friends funeral and her preppy richie my shit dont stink ass had to open her I ignored her of course and continued on to my destination...Smirking the whole way...and calling her every name in the book in my head.  Yes so thank you bitch I now will have the memory of you the dumb bitch being a snotty richie BITCH at my friends funeral...So after the services...I went to lunch with my friend Ali and caught up that was really nice and made me feel like yes..friends from Tuxedo really are family...except the dumb close minded preppies that will forever think they are better than everybody...haha YOU'RE A JOKE!  ok moving on... =)

My adventures continued as I knew this Saturday was just beginning...I knew that I had a long night ahead of me.  It was a night out with Erica.I knew it would be amazing...=)  So we ventured out.  I met some very interesting people that night.  Actually had some in depth conversations.  Ashame it was only for that one night though.  Somethings you just have to leave as it is.  I'm a firm believer that if these people are meant to be in my life than they will be.  I'm not pushing the issue on any account.  My whole basis on this trip was going on a gut feeling.  That I was meant to be here.  SO much has happened that I feel like I could just stay here and not go back to Charlotte.  I could get my old job back, make new friends, connect and stay connected with old friends, I'm remembering where everything is now..It really is like riding a bike..It's all coming back, and in waves....

After three years of a new life I blocked out so much of my old life here.  Now that I'm getting to relive it but as a new person I don't want it to end.  I really am torn.  I want to go back to Charlotte I miss my friends there and I totally miss my bed =/  My whole room in general I miss my STUFF!  LoL.  However I know I can't stay here in NY.  I have no where to live.  It's sad because I just started making new friends here and now I have to leave...However as I said if these people are meant to stay in my life they will.

It's snowing again and it really is so pretty to look at.  I was supposed to leave tomm but I've bumped it up a day.  I really want to make sure the roads are dry for the whole trip not just part of it, lol.  So it looks like Thursday is it.  Back to Charlotte.  I have decided though that I really do need to make more trips back home and not wait a year.  So I'm thinking I will def be back in the spring.  Where it'll be WARMER!! It's been very COLD here LoL.

Shout out time!!

ERICA!!  I can't thank you enough for driving, taking me out, introducing me to amazing people, laughing with me, saving the world before bedtime, buying me a drink, understanding my confusion, totally being here for me, totally loving "that song", and being my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

It really amazes me how much can change and yet stay the same.

There will always be that friend that has everything and finds it necessary to remind you not of the good times but of the times where you were laughed at.

There will always be that friend that isn't afraid of a new adventure and wants you there helping lead the way.

There's the friend thats always super busy and yet will always take your call and meet you for coffee somewhere along the way.

Then there's the friend that hasn't seen you in five years and makes up any excuse possible to not see you now...Love that!

It's so bitter sweet...I'm not who i once was.  Thats very obvious.  I'm happy, and this trip has really made me feel appreciated, and loved for who I really am.  ME.

It's refreshing...truly a breath of fresh air.

I have two days left in New York.  Two days to make the best of it.  I'm venturing off now to FINALLY get my Shoprite animal crackers!  It's a necessity!!  =)

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