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Friday, February 5, 2010

Nose ring and Gir shoes

This week has been a mind scramble to say the least.  Started off with a mental health day on Monday where I took the day for myself to get my resume updated, and just relax a lil.  Tuesday my temp job ended.  Wednesday I applied for jobs, stayed home and then ventured out for some trivia with Melissa and Lindsey.  Thursday was spent applying for jobs, staying home, and then out and about with Krista for some retail therapy.  Where I finally purchased a new nose ring, and helped her with an amazing outfit for the Breakfast Club tomm night. Today was spent with me getting cabin fever and venturing to the mall where I bought myself a pair of green GIR shoes and a double disc Lady GaGa cd set.  Oh yes I'm totally a fan.  Everyone has their guilty pleasures mines GaGa!

SO looks like the weather isn't going to be bad tomm which makes me a happy kitty.  I've been planning on this trip to the Breakfast club for weeks.  I'm so excited!  It doesnt take much to make me happy just an awesome night out with awesome people!  I totally have an amazing outfit picked out.  I was going to go for the simple jeans and a nice shirt.  However I changed my mind I'm rockin my skirt and boots!  It'll be amazing!  lol.  =P  

I haven't had a whole hell of a lot going on this week.  I've been really looking forward to a fun weekend to clear my head a lil and work on my smiling a lot cuz I'm good at it.  LoL 

My trip to NY is in the works officially now.  I'm waiting on some bday money from my mommy to help assist with the cost of gas.  I have to drive because I have too many people to see and places to go to be annoying my friends for rides everywhere.  Plus an 11 hour drive is plenty of time for me to "think" about my "future" LoL  *dramatic background music*  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYBODY AGAIN!!  Eventhough I plan on staying for a good week, I know it'll FLY by =(  It's amazing I've been in North Carolina 3 years and it feels like forever.  I do love my new home in many ways, but I miss my friends and family in NY so much it hurts my heart a lil.  ouchies.  =/

Also this is 11 hours of my singing like a rockstar to any song I so choose.  Time to FEED the IPOD!!!!!!!  It is in serious need of an update.  I need to remove quite a few stupid songs and replace them with some amazing songs!  Yaaaaa booooy!

So back to the Breakfast club for a min, tomorrow night is Michael Jackson night.  Now some may say..lame...I say ROCK ON!!  MJ NIGHT!!  So it's a night of extra MJ songs, some dude that apparently is some amazing MJ impersonater, and then all the 80's cheese extras too!  I'm psyched! Like for sure and some junk!!  I have a few friends that are awaiting my "ThrilleR" dance..oh yes it's!!  To say the least being I can't dance to save my life, but I have FUN and thats all that matters!!!

So in other news...I'm officially already tired of being unemployed.  Some may love the whole stay home everyday and do nothing gig.  Not me, I literally put on dance music and danced around my room for like an hour yesterday just to move.  LoL.  So I'm hoping to leave for NY on Monday, stay a week and then hopefully at least score and interview the week I get back.  While I'm in NY I'll be online reguarly to update on the trip and applying for jobs.  I just have to keep at it!! 

I have an urge to watch the movie Nosferatu.  I used to own this movie and lost it years ago.  I think this shall be a new mission of mine to obtain this movie.  Oh will be mine...oh yes it will be mine..........

So this blog wasn't all that exciting, just my update on the weekend plans and trip to NY.  HaHa Well I have to have someplace to ramble.  =)

I'm off like a dirty shirt! 

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