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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffe pots and Unemployment

Totally Watching the Secret of Nimh right now!  =P

Today started off okie dokie!  I was up for work on time!  Still had to make a mad dash to get my lunch ready. LoL. On my way to work I'm day dreaming my happy thoughts and sleepy ones too..haha.  Still working on the first cup of coffee...and ya..speaking of coffee............

I had realized oh SHIT!  I left the coffee pot on!  It's not one that shuts off automatically.  Now being me, this is not the first time this has happened.  At this point I'm almost to work and decided I guess I'll have to go back on my lunch break to shut it off.  *sigh*  So all morning I'm paranoid that my apartmtent is going to burn down...There's like no work to do in the database either.  So it's was a lovely morning of mind wanderings...

Lunch time comes and I'm all gotta go!  Brought my friend Susan with me for the ride it was a nice vent fest.  Gotta LOVE chick talk.  lol.  I get back to my apartment and the FUCKING COFFEE POT WAS OFF ALREADY!  Typical ....typical .....Keely...(DORK) So I tossed it up as well at least it's better to be safe then sorry, shrugged and walked out the door....

I get back to work and I'm all la la la lets see if theres some damn work to do today...and theres one reverifiation I had to finish.  My job entails Health insurance verification.  Where I basically sit in a box all day on the phone with people that are mad that I'm making them work for 10 mins.  I receive an email that states meeting scheduled for 1:30 on project status...In other words..."This house is clean"  Or rather..get your shit and get out.  The temp job is done!  Sure enough they placed their well lit fake smiles upon their cheery faces stating that we needed to hang in out badges and the checks in the mail...So I was home by 3.

Now I'm on the jobby job hunt again!!  It's all good though.  I look at this an an open window not a shut door.  I have too, it's been a rough week as it is.  Except for Sunday =) 

So now I'm kinda glad to have the time off for a bit to focus on my jewelry and other various crafty things I plan on creatiing.  :)  I've already fixed up the resume and applied to a few jobs yesterday on my mental health day.  SEE!  Something told me to do that yesterday.  lol.  =P

So tonight I purchased Zombieland.  YeS!  totally on sale too!  YaY Walmart!  Woot!  So already watched it and all the extras.  I think I drooled a lil during the FX makeup scenes,,,such a passion of mine.  Totally fascinates me.  Wee!   

So IN OTHER NEWS!!  I am working on my rain dance for saturday!!  We shall see!!  =) 

So tomm is going to be another productive day!  Being I have the whole day to do anything I want!  So I'm all about my kickboxing!!  I know I've been saying it forever now!  I have no excuses now!  Tomm before I do anything it's all about kickboxing!  Woot!  Let me at least use this extra time to my advantage I say.

So kickboxing, apply, apply, apply for a new job, and then the day/night is FREE!  I'm sure I'll find other various things to do as well, like CLEAN!  LoL  seriously I mean seriously how my bedroom goes from clean one day to looking like world war four and hal happened in there the next I will never know...LoL.

Oh ya I bought a really cuuuute new shirt for the Breakfast club sat!  My trip to NY is pending on my weekend, lol!!  If we get snowed out this weekend then I'm rescheduling for next weekend!!  I'll just bump my trip up a week!  I would like to spend a weekend in NY with my friends, it'll probably blizzard with my return.  LoL   Well I do still have a few kinks I need to work out before my venture up north, such as GAS money, lol.  It'll all work out.  =)  It just has too!  I need my shoprite animal crackers!  TeeHee!

Well enough rambling for now...Another day in the life of Keely Kat. 

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