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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NEW YORK and a cup of CAWFEE

So much has happened over this last week.  I have caught up with so many friends it's amazing, and a mind scramble all at once.  I have a lot to say so bare with me.

I'll start with my friends funeral.  I will give Ali a HUGE Shout out on here for being so amazing that day.  We talked for hours and really caught up with whats been going on in each others lives over the past few years.  Amazing how you feel like no time has passed and yet its ten years later.  So THANK YOU Ali again for being there for me.  The wake was sad.  Very sad.  It's still very hard to believe that he's gone.
I ran into so many people there it was almost too much to handle.  I felt like I was stuck in the high school reunion from the Twilight Zone.  People I hadn't seen since elementary school were there.  Some were nice we chatted for a moment...others just looked away.  This did not surprise me in the least.  Theres a reason you just don't talk to people.  A fellow classmate had said a few words about our friend and it really brought a tear to my eye when he mentioned that friends from Tuxedo aren't just friends they are family.  It's true.

At the funeral I was making my way with some friends to be closer to the casket for our last goodbyes...I said "excuse me" to someone's mother whom I had known my whole life and she ooooh so wickedly stated "Why don't ya just push right in front of me"!  Ahh the bitch almost got my fist down her throat...I'm at my friends funeral and her preppy richie my shit dont stink ass had to open her I ignored her of course and continued on to my destination...Smirking the whole way...and calling her every name in the book in my head.  Yes so thank you bitch I now will have the memory of you the dumb bitch being a snotty richie BITCH at my friends funeral...So after the services...I went to lunch with my friend Ali and caught up that was really nice and made me feel like yes..friends from Tuxedo really are family...except the dumb close minded preppies that will forever think they are better than everybody...haha YOU'RE A JOKE!  ok moving on... =)

My adventures continued as I knew this Saturday was just beginning...I knew that I had a long night ahead of me.  It was a night out with Erica.I knew it would be amazing...=)  So we ventured out.  I met some very interesting people that night.  Actually had some in depth conversations.  Ashame it was only for that one night though.  Somethings you just have to leave as it is.  I'm a firm believer that if these people are meant to be in my life than they will be.  I'm not pushing the issue on any account.  My whole basis on this trip was going on a gut feeling.  That I was meant to be here.  SO much has happened that I feel like I could just stay here and not go back to Charlotte.  I could get my old job back, make new friends, connect and stay connected with old friends, I'm remembering where everything is now..It really is like riding a bike..It's all coming back, and in waves....

After three years of a new life I blocked out so much of my old life here.  Now that I'm getting to relive it but as a new person I don't want it to end.  I really am torn.  I want to go back to Charlotte I miss my friends there and I totally miss my bed =/  My whole room in general I miss my STUFF!  LoL.  However I know I can't stay here in NY.  I have no where to live.  It's sad because I just started making new friends here and now I have to leave...However as I said if these people are meant to stay in my life they will.

It's snowing again and it really is so pretty to look at.  I was supposed to leave tomm but I've bumped it up a day.  I really want to make sure the roads are dry for the whole trip not just part of it, lol.  So it looks like Thursday is it.  Back to Charlotte.  I have decided though that I really do need to make more trips back home and not wait a year.  So I'm thinking I will def be back in the spring.  Where it'll be WARMER!! It's been very COLD here LoL.

Shout out time!!

ERICA!!  I can't thank you enough for driving, taking me out, introducing me to amazing people, laughing with me, saving the world before bedtime, buying me a drink, understanding my confusion, totally being here for me, totally loving "that song", and being my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

It really amazes me how much can change and yet stay the same.

There will always be that friend that has everything and finds it necessary to remind you not of the good times but of the times where you were laughed at.

There will always be that friend that isn't afraid of a new adventure and wants you there helping lead the way.

There's the friend thats always super busy and yet will always take your call and meet you for coffee somewhere along the way.

Then there's the friend that hasn't seen you in five years and makes up any excuse possible to not see you now...Love that!

It's so bitter sweet...I'm not who i once was.  Thats very obvious.  I'm happy, and this trip has really made me feel appreciated, and loved for who I really am.  ME.

It's refreshing...truly a breath of fresh air.

I have two days left in New York.  Two days to make the best of it.  I'm venturing off now to FINALLY get my Shoprite animal crackers!  It's a necessity!!  =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Road trip and Relaxation...

I'll start today's ramble with the story of my trip to NY.

I woke up around 4:30 a.m. jumped outta bed excited and nervous.  Excited that the day had finally come  to venture back home.  Nervous because I wanted to avoid ANY bad weather that would sneak up on me.  I gather all my things, grabbing Zombieland at the last minute in hopes to watch it with my dad, haha!  I get on the road and it's clear...phew...Trip started off fine was making awesome time, and was enjoying the time alone to think and sing like a rockstar in my car.  Then I hit Virginia...  YIPES!  I was fine for a bit but then the snow hit...I was never a good "snow driver"  to begin with not to mention my last attempt at this was over three years ago in what I would call "Real" snow.

 So I was petrified...I crawled along letting everyone speed past me..Ya comical, but at the same time scary as hell.  I almost called relatives in VA to have someplace to stay til it was safe.  I knew however it was NOT snowing in NY.  So I kept telling myself to just keep going and it would be ok.  Take it slow and you'll get there.  Well long story short and a few panic attacks later I made it through..phew....Then I hit West Virginia...same thing....Then it was over...Phew...Then came Maryland...At this point I was telling myself ok you've been through this twice already just keeep going! Do not give up!  I knew I had relatives in PA, and I had a family friend in MD..So I was safe one way or the other but I kept going..I was really on a MISSION!  HaHa STubborn irish girl...So YaY!  Made it out of MD and then hit some snow and construction from hell in PA.  Made it through and almost cried when I hit the Jersey border!  You made it girl!  LoL!  I've never driven this trip alone, and after all the scary weather I was quite proud of myself!  So I get to my dads and now I'm shaking from well not eating very much at all, nerves, and excitement!

So got settled and showered and it was off with my bestest friend erica!  I was so excited to see her it was the dramatic hug scene in the middle of the street were the SUV drove by and some random person gave us the look..classic.  So off to a DINER!  Laughed so much we cried, amazing.  Caught up and still have much more catching up to do.  There's always a story ya miss somewhere in the mix.  I has an awesome night out.  I'm not a drinker by any means, but Eri bought me a drink and I had  shot.  For me this is a big deal, haha it was totally a nice time.

Then came the snow.  I knew NY was waiting on a good foot of snow to hit.  So I stood outside staring at the snow storm.  I hadn't actually been outside in a snow storm in a very long time, and it's just so pretty.  Almost mesmerizing.  So I was happy.

Today I'm home at my dad's sitting comfy in my PJ's relaxing.  It's nice to be away right now.  Away from the norm of my day.  Things are different here.  I know it will only be a short stay, but it's refreshing.  Something in my gut told me two months ago to take this trip.  So here I am.  I've already ran into an old friend Kevin last night while at the diner for dinner.  Was so good to see him, it's been years! So we caught up for a few.  Nice to talk OFF of a computer!  =)

So I sit here now staring out the window at the amazing snow falling.  It's peaceful, I needed this.

I still have somethings haunting me in the back of my mind...Decisions I need to make.  A job I need to obtain.  Bills I need to pay.  A room I need to clean, haha...and so on...I'm trying right now to focus on relaxing, and not worrying about anything.  Even though there is always that "Guy" thought that creeps up on me.. *sigh*  Everything will be ok.  All things happen for a reason.   GaH! I sound like such a broken record, lol!

Well I think I shall leave this blog for now and curl up with my Robert Englund book, and get away from this computer and everything involved with it.  This is me time.

Ps..Totally can't wait to hit up the mall tomm!! HahAHAAa!

Monday, February 8, 2010

At a loss...

Today was a bad day on all ends of the spectrum.  I'm not even sure where to begin...

I woke up today with a weekend hangover.  No alcohol involved just recovering from two very long nights...

The breakfast club was amazing!  I took my best friend Krista for the first time and we had soooo much fun.  The night started with much people watching anything from scary guido guys to scary girls resembling a whitesnake video.  Classic.  Funny as HELL!  The MJ impressionist was amazing!  He totally rocked the glitter glove, and danced the thriller dance to perfection!  EPIC!  LOL  I was impressed, and giggling the whole time.  Met some awesome people too, totally met Mclovin and justice for all (inside joke)  and BILLY! aka Jett...Super nice.  Then there's the mystery mowhawk dancer..cute as can be!  HahA!  Totally rocked the dance floor.  Oh yes...It was that awesome.  I danced the night away with my awesome friends, and we laughed and took some "bad" pics which are GREAT!  They're on my facebook take a peek!  So again the Breakfast club will be revisited in two weeks for yet another adventure! 

So back to my wakeup call today..I crawled out of bed and immedietly went to the coffee pot..little did I know what my day held out for me.  I was super excited I had called my dad in NY and confimred my stay with him and my stepmom.  I will be leaving Tues morning and staying in NY til Sunday.  I was soo excited!
I had a loooong time friend Scott whom I had caught up with via Facebook about a year ago...We were making plans to RAISE HELL together this week during my visit.  We both were really looking forward to catching up.  I haven't seen him in five years..I was all about him giving me a tour of my old stomping grounds in Tuxedo.  He was in a band called SO MUCH FACE and told me I might be able to catch a gig while I was in town.  I was soo looking forward to that.  I e-mailed him a few mins after I got off the phone with my dad to tell him I had set a date and would be there Tues.  Literally five mins later I received a message from my old friend Allison on Facebook asking me if I had heard about Scott?  I said no I just emailed him telling him I'm set for my visit.  She then told me he was found dead last night.  *pause*

It's still hard to believe this had happened.  I was told he was on life support and they are pulling the plug tomm.  She gave me her number to follow up on more details after I arrive.  I was and will forever be so grateful to her for thinking of me and letting me know the news.  After speaking with her for a few moments the reality had began to sink in and then the tears came.  My roommate (Steve) and Lindsey (his gf/my friend) Immedietly flew in my room and I told them what had happened and I was so thankful they were there for me.  I had to tell my mom and others what had happened, and was just in a fog for awhile.  This was someone I had known my whole life and was supposed to see in a few days......

Thankfully my friend Krista who is just amazing had invited me over and I drove there literally yelling and crying at the same time.  I arrived at her house and busted into tears again.  I'm a sensitive girl to begin with, I cry at Disney movies, so this was just a mess...I had cried myself beyond Alice Cooper eyes.  We spent the next few hours just talking about life in general, boys, and the next adventures at the Breakfast Club.  It was so nice to just feel welcome and to get out of my apartment for a lil.  Thank you so much Krista!

I had come home still in a daze about the whole thing, and trying to just relax.  I don't write about guys in my blog but this has to be said.  My boyfriend and I had a terrible arguement.  I was very upset over the news of my friend.  We argued and now after crying my eyes out over my lost friend, I'm now crying my eyes out over my lost boyfriend.  I don't even remember half of what I said because I was in such a state to begin with, all I know is it ended badly.  So now I'm beyond a wreck, life happens this too shall pass..however as for now I'm just a mess.  A total mess.  Which pisses me off to an extent because I try to be so strong, and here I am weak and crying...All I can say is I'm only human...

I am still going to NY I have my Erica there who I cannot say enough wonderful things about, my roomies feel like they know her already because I ramble about her ALL the time.  They have both invited her to stay and havent even met her yet!  Lindsey was picking out dates and flights, but I'm thinking she's gonna drive.  HaHa!  So yes My dear friend Erica and I will be reunited in a matter of days!  My old co-workers have been planning a dinner and reunion which is amazing.  It makes me feel so good to know these people are going out of their way just to hang out with me!  I love them!  I have heard that snow is expected on Weds, and I'm ok with that.  Lindsey is amazing and for a belated BDAY present surprised me with my Robert Englund book "HOLLYWOOD MONSTER"  I was like a five year old!!  So I'm all about cuddling up and reading that on my snow day of the trip!!!  =P  I'm also planning on going to Long Island for a day to spend with with sister Jennifer, her fiance Andrew and my niece Emily Rose.  I have only seen my niece once and it was for a matter of hours, so I'm very excited about being there! 

The trip is approx an 11-12 hr drive for me.  I've never driven it alone, but I'm looking forward to it.  I seriously need the time alone to think, and relax.  This trip will be very good for me.  I look forward to reconnecting with people and sharing my own stories.  I do know now that I will be attending the services for my friend Scott as soon as I find out the details.  =*(

With all this going on I've decided I'm going to try and quit smoking again.  I know with my emotions all over the place this is probably not a great idea.  I said try and thats all I can do. 

I'm hurting right now, and this pain will go away eventually....I can't help but think of my friend Brian that passed away years ago when I was 17.  It was SAT saturday, and I was waiting for my stepdad to come pick me up.  Brian was so cute I had such a crush on him.  He offered me a ride home, and I said no my stepdad will be here soon.  He said are you sure?  and the conversation went on like this for a few mins...but still I declined, eventhough I wanted nothing more than to go with him....Later that night he was killed in a car accident.....I often wonder if I took that ride what would have happened...the timing would have been different...Now I had plans to see Scott in a few days and now I'll never know what that reunion would've been like...what if I took my trip a week ago?  All in all I'll never know the answers.  All things happen for a reason....

I'm grateful to those who were here for me today on all accounts, and weren't worried about giving me a hug while I smudged runny eyeliner on their shoulder.  That meant so much to me.

Tomm I will be spending my day running errands, and packing for my trip.  I love when i get to use my green polka dot suitcase!  Wee!  If anyone is reading this that is an old friend of mine in NY that I have not been in touch with please hit me up and lets do COFFEE!!  I've been a little out of it with losing my job, my friend, and boyfriend all within a matter of bare with me on this...I promise I'm still KEELY KAT! 

So now it is time for me to finally get some well needed sleep.  I can only hope that tomm is a better day, and I'll be smiling.  Maybe.  I'm hoping to anyway. 

~Keely Kat

~No pictures in tonights blog...the words say enough~

I love this song....

Imperfection by: Saving Jane

My hair's a wreck

Mascara runs

My feet get dirty

And my skin burns in the sun.

My lips they bleed

But I still sing my songs.

Takes me a minute

To admit it when I'm wrong.

Pretty is as pretty does,

But pretty's not my thing.

This is what you get.

This is who I am.

Take me now or leave me

Any way you can.

Sometimes I trip and fall

But I know where I stand.

And if you're thinking about changing my direction,

Don't mess with imperfection.

My back is weak,

But my will is true.

Got good intentions

But I never follow through.

I say too much,

And don't know when to leave.

In case you're looking,

That's my heart there on my sleeve.

Ego trips and stupid slip ups,

I'm a mess but

This is what you get.

This is who I am.

Take me now or leave me

Any way you can.

Sometimes I trip and fall

But I know where I stand.

And if you're thinking about changing my direction,

Don't mess with imperfection.

Scratched and bruised,

A little used,

But baby I work fine.

You might call me

Damaged goods,

But I'm one of a kind.

My hair's a wreck,

No I'm not perfect

But I'm not the only one.

This is what you get.

This is who I am.

Take me now or leave me

Any way you can.

Sometimes I trip and fall

But I know where I stand.

And if you're thinking about changing my direction,

Don't mess with imperfection.

This is who I am.

After if you're thinking about changing my direction,

Don't mess with imperfection

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nose ring and Gir shoes

This week has been a mind scramble to say the least.  Started off with a mental health day on Monday where I took the day for myself to get my resume updated, and just relax a lil.  Tuesday my temp job ended.  Wednesday I applied for jobs, stayed home and then ventured out for some trivia with Melissa and Lindsey.  Thursday was spent applying for jobs, staying home, and then out and about with Krista for some retail therapy.  Where I finally purchased a new nose ring, and helped her with an amazing outfit for the Breakfast Club tomm night. Today was spent with me getting cabin fever and venturing to the mall where I bought myself a pair of green GIR shoes and a double disc Lady GaGa cd set.  Oh yes I'm totally a fan.  Everyone has their guilty pleasures mines GaGa!

SO looks like the weather isn't going to be bad tomm which makes me a happy kitty.  I've been planning on this trip to the Breakfast club for weeks.  I'm so excited!  It doesnt take much to make me happy just an awesome night out with awesome people!  I totally have an amazing outfit picked out.  I was going to go for the simple jeans and a nice shirt.  However I changed my mind I'm rockin my skirt and boots!  It'll be amazing!  lol.  =P  

I haven't had a whole hell of a lot going on this week.  I've been really looking forward to a fun weekend to clear my head a lil and work on my smiling a lot cuz I'm good at it.  LoL 

My trip to NY is in the works officially now.  I'm waiting on some bday money from my mommy to help assist with the cost of gas.  I have to drive because I have too many people to see and places to go to be annoying my friends for rides everywhere.  Plus an 11 hour drive is plenty of time for me to "think" about my "future" LoL  *dramatic background music*  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYBODY AGAIN!!  Eventhough I plan on staying for a good week, I know it'll FLY by =(  It's amazing I've been in North Carolina 3 years and it feels like forever.  I do love my new home in many ways, but I miss my friends and family in NY so much it hurts my heart a lil.  ouchies.  =/

Also this is 11 hours of my singing like a rockstar to any song I so choose.  Time to FEED the IPOD!!!!!!!  It is in serious need of an update.  I need to remove quite a few stupid songs and replace them with some amazing songs!  Yaaaaa booooy!

So back to the Breakfast club for a min, tomorrow night is Michael Jackson night.  Now some may say..lame...I say ROCK ON!!  MJ NIGHT!!  So it's a night of extra MJ songs, some dude that apparently is some amazing MJ impersonater, and then all the 80's cheese extras too!  I'm psyched! Like for sure and some junk!!  I have a few friends that are awaiting my "ThrilleR" dance..oh yes it's!!  To say the least being I can't dance to save my life, but I have FUN and thats all that matters!!!

So in other news...I'm officially already tired of being unemployed.  Some may love the whole stay home everyday and do nothing gig.  Not me, I literally put on dance music and danced around my room for like an hour yesterday just to move.  LoL.  So I'm hoping to leave for NY on Monday, stay a week and then hopefully at least score and interview the week I get back.  While I'm in NY I'll be online reguarly to update on the trip and applying for jobs.  I just have to keep at it!! 

I have an urge to watch the movie Nosferatu.  I used to own this movie and lost it years ago.  I think this shall be a new mission of mine to obtain this movie.  Oh will be mine...oh yes it will be mine..........

So this blog wasn't all that exciting, just my update on the weekend plans and trip to NY.  HaHa Well I have to have someplace to ramble.  =)

I'm off like a dirty shirt! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A history lesson...

Let's review shall we?

Let's take a random day in the old Keely's life.  A day where she would hang out with friends, not speak up, be mopey, depressed.  A day where the boys would walk past her and not even blink.  They'd make certain to stop and talk to the "other" girl.  Classic.  I reminice back to the days of high school.  The days where I lived my life through my friends.  I was always so happy for them when they had a new boyfriend/girlfriend.  Eventhough I died inside.  Happy they had prom dates.  Happy they had a date that weekend.  I grew into myself as the years went by.  I knew what I wanted to look like.  I have no excuse.  I didn't work out.  I ate terribly.  I cried all the time.  I was alone.  I had amazing friends.  Yet always just friends.  I met certain people that truly affeted my life in a positive manner.  Friends I still have to this day.  It worked out I always had a majority of male friends.  I believe it came with the territory of the music genre I fell into.  Not a lot of metal head/spooky girls around that "Got" that part of me. There are some and trust me their friendship is cherished.  My point is I was miserable, and suffered for being myself.  It's a classic case of the cute guy never likes the fat chick.  Very few "cute" guys even gave me the time of day.  It takes a toll on a girl after awhile.  Then I met my ex husband...this story I will not go into.  If you are reading this you know me, and more than likely know the story.  I took the old depressed Keely and changed into the new and improved Keely.  The Keely that stopped wearing black, stopped going to concerts, and stopped being true to herself.  After my marriage ended.  I began to pick up the pieces and put myself back together again.  This sounds like an easy process.  It's not.  Seven years of forgetting what you are about is a lot to put back together.  I had moved out of NY.  I had a new life, with new friends.  These people knew me as who I am  They hear the stories but werent there.  They don't know faces.  They do know though that something brought them into my life and kept them there as my friends.  Apparently I've done something right to have such great people here.  A few months after my seperation I got a new tattoo.  My first tattoo in nine years.  Those of you that appreciate the art of tattoos, and meaning behind the pieces of art that adorn ones body will understand when I say...New chapter in my life means new ink. 

Onto the Keely of today...broken...shattered...and stitched back together.  I find that I am still a fat chick, but with a new attitude.  The weight will come off in time.  The smoking will stop in time.  All goals that will be met.  My main goal as of late is to truly believe in myself.  After the past 10 years of being evicted twice, losing my job, my car, my mom to the virgin islands, my brother to new orleans, sleeping on a friends floor, moving literally over 10 times, and finally landing in NC leaving my ex husband and finally living a life for myself its a bit of a task to believe in one self completely...This is the short version...

I've concluded that even with a repetitive cliche all things happen for a reason, and whats meant to be is meant to be spitting out of my mouth daily it still takes a bit more than a sentence to smile truthfully.  I've come a long way.  I started this blog with health issues that needed to be addressed.  Now I'm onto the whole being of myself.  Stop reading now if you think this is a pity trip or a cry for help.  It's not it's just a verbal trip into my thoughts.  Read on if you so please or click the back button.  It's not like I'd

Yesterday my temp job ended.  Another temp job...this is not what I want for employment.  With the economy in a drastic state of "Blah"  it's not the easiest task finding a perment job in the fields i'm qualified for.  I'm stuck between a world of retail or clerical madness.  The desk jobs pays more and have better hours, and yet the "creative" jobs pay less and have shitty hours..So lets do the math...It's not where I want to be.  I've ponded the thought of going back to school for Make-up FX, it's still a possibility.  Thats a dream that will never die.  However for now I need to focus on a roof over my head and a car on the road.  So my job hunting continues and I'm keep the firm attitude that something will give and another opportunity will arise soon enough.  All I can do is try. 

As for the depressed Keely ya about that..I'm only human.  The past few months..totally cried into Alice Cooper eyes...This past week alone has had my head spinning.  However I will say this over the last two months I have met some of the most amazing people in my life.  I have three new friends from this recent temp job, Melanie, Katie, and Rebecca, all of whom took me into their lives with my mindless rambles, quick jokes, and the dancing at the Breakfast Club.  Those three girls mean a lot to me, and yes all things do happen for a reason.  I could have stayed home and collected more money on unemployment than I made at this last job, but I refused to sit home on my ass I wanted to work.  I'm glad I did.  =)

So old and new friends truly are what has kept me glued together.  As well as my very open minded and understading FAMILY!   Without these people I would've died.  It took me 2 years to finally look in the mirror and know who I am.  I'm Keely.  I'm bubbly, funny, kind, goofy, spooky, silly, sensitive, paranoid, and dramatic.  It took a lot of life lessons to have me finally put a stop to mindless thinking.  We all make mistakes.  We all get hurt.  We all grow and learn from it.  I've made many mistakes, with life, men, money, and just simply in general.   In the end I have a new found appreciation for who I am.  I'll never be perfect, I'll always be a chubby girl.  I'm fine with that.  I'm proud of my imperfections it makes one unique.  I've been told recently that I'm NOT shy..this makes me laugh.  How can I NOT be shy? Apparently I'm a LOT more outgoing and fun than I used to be..I still find this hard to believe, but the words came from a friend I've had for 31 years...So I'm thinking they must be   I'm truly in a class by myself, take that as you will.  Maybe it does sound conceded.  It should..I'm due.

I hold onto many broken pieces that still need mending.  It's life.  Patience is one major issue I'm presently working on.  Patience is truly what will keep me together.  I need to breathe a lil more and relax.  Stop panic attacking over every little thing.  I've blamed a lot of my disfunction on the lies that have taken a toll on my emotions.  Lies truly can make one think they are broken and blame themself.  I'm still working out these kinks.  Recently I was lied to by a married man for two months he led me on.  It makes me wonder why humans are so cruel, and why these things happen to good people?  However I can't allow this to consume me.  I have wonderful true people in my life, and I'm grateful for them picking me up when things such as this knock me down.  =)

All in all I believe it was good for me to type this.  Every little step in the right direction is helpful.  I can't hide my words forever.  Hiding has been the majority of my life.  Being afraid.  In the wise words of courage wolf, You never stand taller then when you stand up for yourself.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring, and I'm trying to look at it as a new adventure.  I have new beginings to look forward to.  I'm lucky, very lucky.  There will be days I'm throwing things around my room trying to not knock over my horror collection in the process.  There will be days I think the world sucks, and I hate it!  However these days pass, and it will get better.  We are all only human.  Life happens. 

I'll end this with one of my favortist songs...If you don't know should...

Live before you die~Social Distortion

When pressures up and the stress is high
And I wanna bid this world good bye
I’m gonna bury my frustrations
Grab some of life’s satisfactions
Yeah I’m gonna live before I die

I try to find some peace of mind
When my life’s treating me unkind yeah
Pain will be my motivation
I’m gonna use my imagination
Yeah I’m gonna live before I die

So close your eyes and embrace your memories, your memories
Leave your troubles and your worries far behind, so far behind
Stop contemplating and start celebrating
Yeah you gotta live before you die

I think of chances I didn’t take
I try to learn from my mistakes, yeah
I’m tired of being pushed around now
Life ain’t gonna drag me down now
Yeah, I’m gonna live before I die

So close your eyes and embrace your memories, your memories
Leave your troubles and your worries far behind, so far behind
Stop contemplating and start celebrating
Yeah you gotta live before you die
Before you die, before you die

 One more thing....Thank you to those that "Get it" and "understand"  Keely.  She's amazing... =)

I will always *DANCE LIKE SNOOPY*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffe pots and Unemployment

Totally Watching the Secret of Nimh right now!  =P

Today started off okie dokie!  I was up for work on time!  Still had to make a mad dash to get my lunch ready. LoL. On my way to work I'm day dreaming my happy thoughts and sleepy ones too..haha.  Still working on the first cup of coffee...and ya..speaking of coffee............

I had realized oh SHIT!  I left the coffee pot on!  It's not one that shuts off automatically.  Now being me, this is not the first time this has happened.  At this point I'm almost to work and decided I guess I'll have to go back on my lunch break to shut it off.  *sigh*  So all morning I'm paranoid that my apartmtent is going to burn down...There's like no work to do in the database either.  So it's was a lovely morning of mind wanderings...

Lunch time comes and I'm all gotta go!  Brought my friend Susan with me for the ride it was a nice vent fest.  Gotta LOVE chick talk.  lol.  I get back to my apartment and the FUCKING COFFEE POT WAS OFF ALREADY!  Typical ....typical .....Keely...(DORK) So I tossed it up as well at least it's better to be safe then sorry, shrugged and walked out the door....

I get back to work and I'm all la la la lets see if theres some damn work to do today...and theres one reverifiation I had to finish.  My job entails Health insurance verification.  Where I basically sit in a box all day on the phone with people that are mad that I'm making them work for 10 mins.  I receive an email that states meeting scheduled for 1:30 on project status...In other words..."This house is clean"  Or rather..get your shit and get out.  The temp job is done!  Sure enough they placed their well lit fake smiles upon their cheery faces stating that we needed to hang in out badges and the checks in the mail...So I was home by 3.

Now I'm on the jobby job hunt again!!  It's all good though.  I look at this an an open window not a shut door.  I have too, it's been a rough week as it is.  Except for Sunday =) 

So now I'm kinda glad to have the time off for a bit to focus on my jewelry and other various crafty things I plan on creatiing.  :)  I've already fixed up the resume and applied to a few jobs yesterday on my mental health day.  SEE!  Something told me to do that yesterday.  lol.  =P

So tonight I purchased Zombieland.  YeS!  totally on sale too!  YaY Walmart!  Woot!  So already watched it and all the extras.  I think I drooled a lil during the FX makeup scenes,,,such a passion of mine.  Totally fascinates me.  Wee!   

So IN OTHER NEWS!!  I am working on my rain dance for saturday!!  We shall see!!  =) 

So tomm is going to be another productive day!  Being I have the whole day to do anything I want!  So I'm all about my kickboxing!!  I know I've been saying it forever now!  I have no excuses now!  Tomm before I do anything it's all about kickboxing!  Woot!  Let me at least use this extra time to my advantage I say.

So kickboxing, apply, apply, apply for a new job, and then the day/night is FREE!  I'm sure I'll find other various things to do as well, like CLEAN!  LoL  seriously I mean seriously how my bedroom goes from clean one day to looking like world war four and hal happened in there the next I will never know...LoL.

Oh ya I bought a really cuuuute new shirt for the Breakfast club sat!  My trip to NY is pending on my weekend, lol!!  If we get snowed out this weekend then I'm rescheduling for next weekend!!  I'll just bump my trip up a week!  I would like to spend a weekend in NY with my friends, it'll probably blizzard with my return.  LoL   Well I do still have a few kinks I need to work out before my venture up north, such as GAS money, lol.  It'll all work out.  =)  It just has too!  I need my shoprite animal crackers!  TeeHee!

Well enough rambling for now...Another day in the life of Keely Kat. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Zombieland and Serendipity

Today was a good day for me.  I took a personal day to get things accomplished for myself.  I revamped my resume, and applied for a few jobs.  This made me feel better.  =)

I also dabbled across looking into a new apartment.  Didn't get very far but at least I found a few options for the future.  All in all I feel like I accomplished a few things.  HaHa.

I'm excited about Zombieland coming out on DVD tomm.  I haven't actually bought a "new" movie in ages.  I totally loved this movie!  Hee Hee!

So as life would have it I'm seeing reports for bad weather again this saturday.  This does not sit well with me.  I'm so excited about the Breakfast Club, and have a lot of friends that will be joing me.  Snow and ice cannot ruin this outing!  I'm totally pouting over this...please just be rain pleeeease!!!  LoL  =/

So I just watched Serendipity alone in my room, and needed a Kleenex, I love happy endings!  Now I need a horror fix.  I go through these weird movie moods.  So I'm thinking I need something intersting, something I haven't seen in ages...The winner is The Lost Boys.  Classic.  I haven't watched it in forever.  I almost chose Wishmaster...not tonight though.  I really need to get more for my!!  =P

I'm thinking that this week if going to be better than last week.  As long as this crazy weather lets up!  I'm so not a driving on ice person...I don't think anybody is!  Ice is the enemy!!  Dumb ice...

It's February already...amazing how time flies.  I'm so hoping that I can fit in my trip to NY.  I'm a lil worried about  the drive alone.  However it's so worth it to go home and reconnect with my friends and family again.  I need this trip.  I need to get away from Charlotte for awhile and breathe.  I know in my heart and my mind that things are really going to start to look up.  Things already are for me.  It's all a matter of time and patience. 

Speaking of patience...I've been giving a lot of thought to my jewelry collection.  I have so much in front of me that goes untouched.  I'm really trying to not be in that wretched mindset that my work isnt worthwhile.  I have a talent.  Use it Keely Stop hiding it.  So ya, I'm going to start to work on some new ideas and see what comes out.  =)  If anyone is interested in some one of kind designs just let me know!  =) TeeHee!

I'm thinking I need to get off my bed and put The Lost Boys in already and veg for the night.  I felt the need to ramble away for a few mins. 

Shout out time!

Krista: Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  You are an amazing friend!  I don't know what I would have done without you this past week!! 

Erica:  I'm coming over in a few weeks, for coffee.  I really am coming to NY.  I've been talking about this for months.  I'm really going I promise!  Will you meet me in virginia so I dont have to drive the whole way alone???  LoL!!!  I'm just playin!  and you knoooooow this!

To ALL my "FRIENDS"  this song is for you!!!  If you don't have it...GET IT!  I <3 you all! *sniff*

True Believers~Bouncing Souls

I've met some people along the way,

Some of them split some of them stay,

Some of them walk some walk on by,

I've got a few friends I'll love till I die

From all of these people I try to learn,

Some of them shine some of them burn,

Some of them rise some of them fall,

For good or bad I've known them all

We live our life in our own way,

Never really listened to what they say,

The kind of faith that doesn't fade away

We are the true believers

We are the true believers

Well you can fight or you can run,

Hide under a rock till the war is won,

Play it safe and don't make a sound,

But not us we won't back down

True believers all the way,

You and I...

We live our life in our own way,

Never really listened to what they say,

The kind of faith that doesn't fade away

We are the true believers

We are the true believers

True believers

So to end this blog of the day I would simply like to say.  Things are happening.  Good things.  The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades... =P

~Keely Kat