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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's a sign....with a dash of Wonderland! =P

I totally fell into the I forgot about my blog routine....Thanks to a few people that have nudged me to get back here and write.  HERE I AM! 

Ok so a LOT has been going on these days.  I know I always say that.  Well, never a dull moment.  I'll start as far back as the trip to New York.  My life really has changed a lot over the last month.  Indeedy.  That trip to NY opened my eyes to a lot.  Met some new people that um I won't forget.  Added some pages to a new chapter in Keely's book of life.  I  knew I missed people in NY.  I didn't know how much I missed them.  It's a hard situation when you have differnt states that hold very important people in your life.  I know we've all got friends and family all over the world.  So you can relate on how it feels when you want to run to someone and you can only call.  You can only text.  You can't see their smile, give them a hug, and it sucks.  Sooo I'm still dealing with my return back to North Carolina.

I've met some new friends home in NC.  That have truly been a blessing in disguise.  I will always be a firm believer in all things happen for a reason.  So here we go.....I've made a decision to move out of my apartment, and move in with a friend and her family.  Two VERY differnt environments.  I believe my decision is for the best, and I'm happy. I feel at home.  =) 

I'm still looking for a job, and this of course makes me feel like a loser.  However it's inevitable this is life and it happens, and I'm working on it.  Yesterday I revamped my resume.  I'm proud of it.  At least there's stuff on there, lol!  So I am working on my move.  Which hopefully will be completed within the next week or so.   At least I have the time to take and can do this in an organized manner, and know where everything is.

So in other news I'm a believer in "signs".  Signs as in this means something not as in a "Stop" sign, lol.  I'll keep this simple.  When going to visit someone, I was in a car accident.  The next week I got a speeding ticket visiting this person.  I'm taking this as a sign.  I just don't think this person and I are meant to be...For these and several other reasons that I choose to not mention here.   So ya, my car is in the shop.  My rental is a lame Camry....wooo...and the ticket will be paid.  UGH! 

So with moving, dealing with friends that have come and gone, finding a job, taking care of the car, bills, and lets see, life in general...I'm doing ok.  I'm very thankful for my amazing friends.  It makes me a lil sad to think about how friendships come and go.  How things happen and people change.  Some change for the better and you get closer.  While others change for the worse and you drift further apart.  I don't understand how that happens, but it does.  There are some people over the past few weeks that really have had a huge impact on my decisions and my life.  I'm a stubborn girl .  I definetly do NOT always listen.  I really should listen because some people can see a lot more than I can from an outsiders point of view.  =)  You live and you learn.  I'm growing a lil tired of learning though, I'd like to live a little more.  HaHa.  It happens.  You move on. 

I'd like to take a few minutes here as I usually do to thank some people.  Without them, I'd be so lost.  I'm a very emotional girl, that wears her heart on her sleeve.  I still see nothing wrong with sharing how much I care about people in my blog.  =)


Thank you for always being here, and it was amazing hanging out with you again.  I definetly have a friend for life.  I can't imagine what my return to New York would've been like without you.  I had an amazing time and miss you everyday.  The understanding we have is beyond words.  You totally rock.  I could go on for days here as to why you are my best friend.  I choose to post how much I care in almost every blog because yes you are that important that eveyone needs to know I love you.  =) 


You have taken me under your wing and totally opened a new chapter in my life that I never knew could exist.  Your kindness and understanding has totally helped me get out of a depression and move forward.  I know it's going to be ok.  Thank you, and mom more than these typed words can ever express.  It still amazes me how our friendship was so meant to be.  IT'S A SIGN!  =)  Muskrat!  LoL.


Your patience is amazing.  How you have become such a part of my life especially over the past few weeks its crazy.  You totally get me.  Thank you so much for always making me laugh, and telling me it's going to be "ok".  I know I've said this before but I'll keep saying it.  You tell it how it is.  I need that.  A lil dose of reality is ok.  Yet you not only tell me how it is, you follow it up with making me smile and laugh til I cry.  This is why duane rocks!  =)  *hugs*

Ok now  that I got that out of my system =)  I have much to do today.  I have to continue packing my life away and reloacting it.  LoL.  I've decided to pack all my collectibles and decorations that cover my walls last.  Along with my horror collection.  It's going to kill me to have my prized possesions in boxes again.  However it's so worth it.  They'll live again once I'm settled and things are totally going to be so much better.  The futures so bright I gotta wear shades.  LoL. 

It's a strange feeling knowing that I'm moving now and it's a temporary move but an awesome step in the right direction.  I don't know where I'll be in a year.  I don't know if I'll even be in North Carolina.  It's crazy to think I went from such a routine to now having an open book.   It scares me, and yet its thrilling.  I finally know who I am, and what I want.  I just need to put the pieces together to get there.  All things really do happen for a reason.  Ever since I got to North Carolina my life has changed dramatically.  I'm not who I once was, and I'm ok with that.  =)  I'll keep repeating myself about it too.  =)

I do want to mention one other thing while I'm typing away on this Wednesday morning.  Maybe my friends are right.  Maybe I'm not as shy as I used to be.  I've been thinking about this a lot.  I used to hide, clam up, never talk to anyone.  I was the fat weird girl that no guy ever looked at and it showed in my social life.  I always stuck out in the crowd but never spoke.  Now granted I still clam up when in a social situation where I'm not comfortable.  I'm only human.     I think my blog is helping me express myself as well.
There is one conversation that still needs to take place.  As many times as I went over the script in my head I just can't do it.  Which is ashame cuz it's needs to happen.  I guess after some unkind words over the years repeatidly it's leaving me to umm not run at the opportunity to hear more unkind words.  Its the final chapter for me...It's the only challenge from my past that I have not faced in person.  I know it's a pointless conversation but its really not because theres a lot more than meets the eye and not all is known.

I'm totally bummed because I will not be able to attend Chiller Theatre this April.  I went to NY in Feb and will not be able to afford my trip there this soon again.  As most of you know I am a total horror nerd as well as an Alice Cooper nerd.  Well for some stupid reason I decided to check on Chiller's page when it was and who would be there....and of course Alice Cooper will be there the whole weekend in April.  So talk about stabbing the knife in deeper.  Not only am I missing out on the convention I always loved but my hero is going to be there the whole weekend.  Now when I lived in NY this would not happen.  It happens now and I literally got a lil misty eyed over this missed opportunity.  I really really want to meet Alice.  I really am serious.  However I just can't see how it'll happen.  So I'll just pout a lil and HOPE that I can score tickets with his new tour and maybe a VIP pass or something to meet him.  *sigh*  All I want is to meet Alice and Robert Englund just once.  =)  Just once!  EeePP!  I know I'm so that fan girl!  =)  I just know what ROCKS!!  Speaking of Robert...I got "Hollywood Monster"  as a birthday present.  It's an amazing read!  I'm not a big "reader" by any means but this book travels with me.  I've just gotten to the part where Robert landed  the role as Freddy...*Sigh* so awesome...  Some are into "Twilight"  I'm into Roberts life.  Totally rocks my pin striped socks.  =)

Well I think that this is a good enough update on Keely Kat for now.  I will try to keep things up and running.  Be here more often.  I know I've drifted from the whole weight and health issue part of this.  It's not a lost cause.  I've moved into a very healthy environment.  I'm rocking the Wii Fit which is amazing btw...insulting...but fun as hell.  lol.  Things are going ok I'm taking care of myself and taking life as it comes one day at a time.  ROCK ON!  =)  *dances like snoopy*

I need coffee... LoL.

P.S.  Totally excited about seeing Burton's Alice in Wonderland this weekend!!!!  YES!!!!!  =)